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Name Contact Details Roles Subject
Professor Janet Todd OBE

Tel: 01223 332196

Executive Assistant: 01223 332196

The President

Research Mentor in the Arts

Governing Body Fellows
Dr Anna Sapir Abulafia Email:
Tel: 01223 332193

College Lecturer & Director of Studies, History

Secretary, Studentship & Bursary Committee

Dr Jodie Allen Email:
Tel: 01223 332193

Newton Trust Time-Limited teaching fellow

Postdoctoral Research Associate; Institute of Public Health.

Professor Sabine Bahn Email:
Tel: 01223 334151
Professor and Director, Bahn Laboratory Biotechnology
Dr Jacqueline Brearley Email:
Tel: 01223 337658

Senior Lecturer, Veterinary anaesthesiology
Director of Studies, Clinical Veterinary Medicine, Tutor

Veterinary Anaesthesiology
Ms Sue Brindley Email:
Tel: 01223 767642
Senior Lecturer in Education, Director of Studies, Education Education
Professor Ruth Cameron Email:
Tel: 01223 334324

Professor, Materials Science and Metallurgy

Research Mentor in the Sciences

Materials Science
Dr Teresa Cindrova-Davies Email:
Tel: 01223 333862

Post-doc Research Associate, Department of Physiology, Development and Neuroscience

Newton Trust time-limited teaching fellow

Dr Sarah Covshoff Email:
Tel: 01223 330220
Research Associate, Department of Plant Sciences Plant Sciences and Molecular Biology
Dr Jane Davies Email:
Tel: 01223 339651

University Lecturer in Operations Management,Judge Business School

Sabbatical Leave LT and ET 2014

Operations Management
Dr Stephanie Ellington Email:
Tel: 01223 333848

Senior Tutor, College Lecturer, Physiology

Director of Studies in Medical Sciences (+ CGMC 1 & 2)

Director of Studies in Natural Sciences (Biological)

Dr Claire Fenton-Glynn Email:
Tel: 01223 332179
College Teaching Officer and Director of Studies in Law Law
Dr Astrid Gall Email:
Tel: 01223 332184 / 495367

Staff Scientist, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute


Veterinary Medicine
Dr Jane Greatorex Email:
Tel: 01223 339051 / 257028

Senior Research Scientist, Public Health England


Mrs Sarah Gull Email:

Joint Course Supervisor, Graduate Medical Course

Director of Studies, CGMC 3 & 4

Consultant Gynaecologist, West Suffolk Hospital


Dr Susanne Hakenbeck Email:
Tel: 01223 339292

University Lecturer in Historical Archaeology under the joint Trinity scheme

Director of Studies in Human, Social and Political Sciences (inc Arch & Anth)

Dr Henriette Hendriks Email:
Tel: 01223 767383

Head of the Department and Reader in Theoretical and Applied Linguistics


Applied Linguistics
Mrs Christine Houghton Email:
Tel: 01223 332181

Domestic Bursar

Wine Steward

Professor Christine Howe Email:
Tel: 01223 767724

Professor, Faculty of Education

Research Mentor in the Social Sciences

Dr Susan Jackson Email:
Tel: 01223 764017

Research Development Co-ordinator, Department of Engineering


Dr Jennifer Koenig Email:
Tel: 01223 748490
Dean of College, Steward Pharmacology
Dr Isobel Maddison Email:
Tel: 01223 768957


College Lecturer & Director of Studies, English

Dr Orsola Rath-Spivack Email:
Tel: 01223 332185 / 337868

Graduate Admissions Tutor

Director of Studies, Mathematics

Applied Mathematics
Ms Caroline Sier Email:
Tel: 01223 764020
Development Director  
Dr Helen Taylor Email:

Joint Course Supervisor, Graduate Medical Course

Director of Studies, CGCM Yrs. 3 & 4 and for Clinical Medicine

Consultant Radiologist, West Suffolk Hospital

Deputy Steward and Silver Steward

Ms Lesley Thompson Email:
Tel: 01223 332191
Dr Emily Tomlinson Email:
Tel: 01223 332197

Admissions Director


Ms Alison Vinnicombe Email:
Tel: 01223 339240


Secretary of the Governing Body


Dr Fiona Walter


Tel: 01223 740171

GP & Clinical Lecturer in General Practice, The Primary Care Unit Medicine
Dr Shona Wilson


Tel: 01223 333338

Research Associate, Dept. of Pathology

Newton Trust Time-Limited Teaching Fellow.

Research Fellows
Dr Alice Denton Email:
Tel: 01223 769566
Greenwood-Bidder Research Fellow Immunology
Dr Anke Husmann Email: Daphne Jackson Trust Research Fellow Materials Science
Dr Victoria Leong


Tel: 01223 766992

Sutasoma Research Fellow Psychology
Dr Eileen Nugent


Tel:01223 337001

Lu Gwei Djen Research Fellow Biological and soft matter systems
Dr Helen Roche Email: Alice Tong Sze Research Fellow History
Dr Anat Scolnicov


Tel: 01223 332179

Senior Research Fellow Law