The Alumnae Association is for all Lucy Cavendish College graduates. The Alumnae Association Committee meets once a term, and also holds an Annual General Meeting in September, and works to promote links between the alumnae and current members of the College.

President, Graduation Sub-Committee & Communications Sub-Committee - Ms Judith Roberts (1973) BA Education with English, MA Education (UEA 1990)

Judith's career has been spent in education, in all its various forms. Initially she taught English in a secondary school, then as Head of Department in an FE college.Judith Roberts Subsequently Judith became a teacher-educator at London University Institute of Education, working on the post-16 education programme and as a consultant on attainment initiatives for several London boroughs. She then returned to Cambridge-based work as course leader for a teacher-training short course at the University of Cambridge Institute of Continuing Education. Judith still has a great interest in English Literature and recently gained a research-based Advanced Diploma with the University of Cambridge. Her continuing passion for education has led her to work with the Education Department of English Heritage, as part of a team at Audley End House, providing a history discovery programme for primary school children.

Treasurer & Fundraising Sub-Committee - Dr Rose Spear (2006) PhD Materials Science and Metallurgy

Rose graduated with a doctorate in Materials Science and Metallurgy in 2011 and is now a research associate in the Engineering Department at Cambridge University. As a biomedical engineer, her research concerns the design, development and biological evaluation of implant materials. Her current research investigates scaffold materials for an advanced bioengineering approach to loosening of hip replacement implants, based on magneto-mechanical stimulation of bone tissue. As Chair of the British Science Association Cambridgeshire Branch, Rose runs SciScreen and SciBar events at the Arts Picturehouse Cinema in Cambridge and hands-on science events in public venues throughout Cambridgeshire.

Communications Sub-Committee - Dr Liz Chapman (1995) PhD Social & Political Sciences

Liz worked on her PhD whilst at Lucy Cavendish looking at social support aspects of HIV/AIDS. When this was completed she retained links with the College as a non-stipendiary Research Fellow with a Wellcome Trust Research Fellowship in the Centre for Family Research. Various research projects followed this as well as a spell as Research Facilitator for the University of Cambridge School of Humanities and Social Sciences. After a number of years of academic psychology and working in the NHS in Eating Disorders, Liz transitioned into counselling and psychotherapy and in 2007 started up Cambridge Counselling Service, which is now the largest private counselling service in Cambridge.

Events Sub-Committee - Aikaterini Georgopoulou (2014) M.Phil Medical Sciences

Aikaterini is an enthusiastic molecular biologist, having obtained her Degree from the University of Crete (Greece). She then read an MPhil in Medical Sciences at the University of Cambridge, where she studied mechanisms of embryogenesis and placentation using several genetically engineered mouse models. She is currently pursuing her PhD studies at Imperial College London, where she is investigating the molecular causes of preeclampsia, a pregnancy-related disorder that causes the death of 1,000 babies in the UK each year. She loves all activities related to water, including rowing, canoeing and rafting and of course she remains a big supporter of the Lucy Cavendish rowing team, where she learned to row during her studies in Cambridge. 

Graduation Sub-Committee - Dr Angela Morecroft (1997) PhD in Egyptology

Following her BA, MA in Oriental Studies, History and Ancient languages (Cambridge University), MA in Archaeology (UCL), Angela continued at Cambridge reading Egyptology for her MPhil and her PhD. Angela's thesis focussed on a lost Egyptian collection by the Italian explorer Vitaliano Donati. She found she was in her element conducting research in the rare books departments and archives of many Libraries in Cambridge, London and in Turin, including the renowned Royal Library. At times, Angela found it quite challenging trying to analyse rare artifacts on display and in the storerooms surrounded by ancient Egyptian mummies! One of her interests is to help school children to nurture and develop their knowledge of Egyptology by accompanying them to the British Museum, showing them the artifacts and answering all their questions, some of which are quite entertaining. At present, Angela is writing a book about the explorer Vitaliano Donati’ and his Egyptian collection which will be published in 2017.

Events Sub-Committee & Graduation Sub-Committee - Mrs Anne Ahmed (1977) BA Social and Political SciencesAnne Ahmed

Anne matriculated in her late thirties after a career in nursing. So pursued a second career after graduating from Lucy Cavendish with a BA in Social and Political Sciences. A fragmented journey but always in Research. First for the research department of social services, then at the Dunn Nutrition Department to produce the statistics for the current children's growth charts and finally as a research assistant in the university department of community medicine working on a study of oesophageal cancer in women and later on a longitudinal research project of older people in Cambridge. So has a few resulting publications. She retired in 2000. Now pursuing a life of pleasure tinged with responsibilities.

Fundraising Sub-Committee - Ms Julie McDonald (2002) BA LawJulie McDonald






Fundraising Sub-Committee - Dorothy Heeneman (1981) BA LawDorothy Heeneman

Prior to coming to Lucy as an affiliated student, Dorothy graduated as BSc and MSc at London University and gained a PGCE from the same University. She taught at a Catholic Grammar School in London before she married and lived in The Hague. Returning to the UK Dorothy decided to develop a growing interest in law and eventually applied to Lucy, graduating in 1984. Dorothy lectured in the Law Department of what later became Anglia Ruskin University. While there she studied part time at UCL and gained an LLM Comparative Commercial Law. Towards the end of her career there she was a senior lecturer and course leader of the LLM in International and European Business Law. Dorothy has also lectured part time on the Law of European Integration for the MPhil degree in European Studies in the Cambridge History Faculty. Since retiring, Dorothy has served as a Governor of the Cambridge and Peterborough NHS Trust. At present she is much involved with grandparents duties.

USA Contact Member - Dr Barbara Wittman (1976) Certificate in Archaeology & Anthropology and Former Visiting Fellow (2011)

After Cambridge matriculation, Archeology and Anthropology, Barbara worked in southern Africa for several seasons on a Cambridge supported research project that examined the numbers of extant Cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus) left in the wild in southern Africa. After completing her PH.D, she developed and taught a course in History of Africa with an emphasis on women’s issues. She returned to College in 2012 as a visiting scholar.  Her present research interests are two in number: As archivist/digitalization project manager of a vast collection of regional settler papers, the Rotch Wales Papers at Massillon Public Library (Ohio), she is revising and expanding her study of 2015, Thomas and Charity Rotch, The Quaker Experience of Settlement in Ohio in the Early Republic 1800-1824 for a second edition. A second project with women scholars at University of Akron and Duke University, North Carolina examines post-Civil War settlement and the geographies of development and disease among women in rural frontier Arkansas.