We’ve won the ice cream, now let’s show them that we’re capable of REAL change!

SU Green Officer on how we can all support Switch Off Week from 5 to 11 March

Welcome to Nautilus 13

Welcome to Nautilus 13 where we continue to feature interesting articles from our alumnae

The Lucy Writers’ Platform

Introducing the exciting Lucy Writers' Platform launching later this year

Cavendish Chronicle

Find out all about the Cavendish Chronicle from Editor, Hollie Wells

Time is up: Not just Harvey Weinstein

Alumna Barbara Wittman writes about her personal views on the history of sexual harassment

Using Research and Collaborations with Police Departments to Understand and Fight Crime

Alumna Bryanna Fox talks about her exciting career fighting crime

A Change of Perspective

Alumna Ruth Haynes talks about her varied career from a Social Worker in the Caribbean to the Parole Board in the UK

Police, Prisons and Civil Society

Dame Anne Owers, Honorary Fellow of Lucy Cavendish talks about the importance of independent oversight in prisons and the police

Dame Stella Rimington - In Conversation with Judith Roberts

Alumnae Association President Judith Roberts interviews Dame Stella Rimington, the first female Director General of MI5

My experience here as a Visiting Student

Studying here feels like being welcomed with open arms

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