The end of a three year rollercoaster ride

We’ve travelled together on a memorable, action-packed and special journey.

See you on the other side…

Easter greetings from our resident student blogger Cherish Watton

Wishing blog readers a happy and healthy holiday season

Bridgemas is well and truly upon us...

A warm welcome (or welcome back)

A warm welcome to all new and returning blog visitors from a 3rd year Historian

18th century clerical households, the West End and politics: a dynamic Lent term!

Undergraduate Cherish Watton takes stock of a busy Lent term, on route to her final supervision before the Easter break.

Women’s History Month: a snapshot of Lucy Cavendish College presidents

To celebrate Women’s History Month, Cherish Watton, second-year undergraduate historian, looks at the College’s eight presidents.

Festive greetings to regular followers of the Lucy blog!

Cherish Watton reflects on the Michaelmas term at Lucy Cavendish as it draws to a close.

Greetings from a second year at Lucy

Yesterday marked the half way point of the Michaelmas term which has already gone by very quickly.

The End of the First Year

Cherish Watton reflects on the end of her first year at Lucy Cavendish College.

The Start of the Easter Term!

Undergraduate Cherish Watton reflects on a busy Lent Term at Lucy Cavendish College.

Freshers 2014: Half way through?!

First-year historian Cherish Watton looks back at the halfway point of her first year at Lucy.

Freshers 2014: The Joy of ‘Bridgemas’

First-year historian Cherish Watton bids adieu to the Michaelmas term

Freshers 2014: The First Four Weeks at Lucy

First-year historian Cherish Watton discovers the joys of speed-reading and soft furnishings.

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