College prizes - celebrating achievement

by Judith Roberts on 27 February 2015

It is always very satisfying to meet women who have come to Lucy Cavendish College to study and who have succeeded in their chosen field, sometimes beyond all their dreams. Many of these students, undergraduates and post-grads, have travelled great distances, both geographically and in their achievements while at Lucy Cavendish. One of the many ways in which the College demonstrates its regard for students and their achievements is the annual prize-giving event for those who have attained the most outstanding results or made exceptional contributions to college life.

On 5th February 2015 we were able to pay tribute to a group of prize-winners, who received their awards at a special Formal Hall dinner. Dr Leigh Stoeber, our new Senior Tutor, presented thirteen prizes, some to be shared among several students. Among these were two prizes awarded annually by the Alumnae Association: one for Contribution to the Arts and the other for Graduate Excellence.

The Arts Prize was awarded to Kassi Chalk, Charlotte Quinney and Hannah Schuhle-Lewis for their excellent 50 Poems project, which you can read about and listen to here.

Hannah’s reaction to winning the prize is an indication of how important our Alumnae Association prizes are in fostering talent and rewarding academic enterprise:

"I had an amazing time organising the Fifty project along with Kassi and Charlotte. The recordings, which took place over three beautiful summer days, were especially fun, and reminded me of the wealth of talent and the wonderful diversity that exists at Lucy. On top of this, it was such a lovely surprise to be awarded the Alumnae Association Prize for our work.

I'm now studying for an MSt in Medieval English at the University of Oxford, but I will always remember Lucy really fondly, and be very proud to have been able to contribute something to the anniversary celebrations." Hannah Schuhle-Lewis

The Alumnae Association Prize for Graduate Excellence is a way of formally recognising achievement by a student who has completed an MPhil in a scientific field. This year it was won by Yujun Qiao, for her work in Mathematics.

The Alumnae Association is proud to continue its support for the work of the College and to recognise the high level of achievement among the student body.