Explore the basement of the Library - a place to study and relax

by Tianqi Dong on 14 November 2016

This summer has seen the completed refurbishment of our library, which has been tailored to suit modern user requirements and in response to student feedback. Alongside traditional learning resources, the basement of our library is designed to enhance the accessibility of learning and relaxing and beyond including a Library Lounge and a presentation room. The new Group Study Room offers modern presentation facilities for 20 people or more. This provides an optional place for society meetings as well as presentation preparations.  















The Nordic-style interior design at the main entrance adds elegant, bright and modern elements into the students relaxing space, which is well matched with our new student bar. The old sofas in Paul Paget room were moved and recovered in the basement Library Lounge. The Library Lounge has been decorated with award-winning photography and a fashionable magazine basket. The more comfortable and safer environment gives students more opportunity for endless conversation and discussion. Beyond that, we can always put our suggestions on the Flipchart Pad next to a “keen listening” giraffe, Esmerelda. The TV is now set up to view free digital and catch up TV, including Amazon Video (watch the College Message Board for further details) and we are going to experience the happiest times inside the Library ever!

Thanks again to our Library committee, Librarian Celine Carty, Jo Harcus, Alison Vinnicombe, Dr Leigh Stoeber and Dr Helen Roche for all their kind considerations to improve our students’ experiences in the library.  

Written by Tianqi Dong, Students' Union Library Representative. To contact Tianqi with any further feedback or suggestions for the Library please email her at: td307@cam.ac.uk

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