The end of a three year rollercoaster ride

by Cherish Watton on 3 July 2017

Dear Fellow Lucians. Well I’m sure you’ll agree what a rollercoaster ride the last three years have been. From matriculation to late-night essay crises, to May Balls, and now to graduation…we’ve travelled together on a memorable, action-packed, and special journey.

Back in those Fresher days when words such as Plodge and DoS alluded us, people often looked at me blankly when I said I went to Lucy Cavendish College. Thankfully that reaction is now no longer the norm. The College has a much stronger presence both inside and outside of the Cambridge bubble. The Hucy Come What May Ball and our increasingly successful bops consolidated Lucy within the wider Cambridge student community. Events such as the Where Are The Women conference alongside new Honorary Fellows Martina Navratilova and Baroness Shami Chakrabarti, further testifies to Lucy’s vital role in Cambridge and beyond.

I’m sure you’ll echo my sentiments in treasuring the informality of our college. When bringing guests to Formal Hall, I still relish telling them (over an always delicious dinner) how we have no top table, and yes you can walk on the grass and amongst the beautiful wild flowers. I feel our distinctive Lucy approach reflected in the vibrant portrait of John and Neil, two out of our many beloved Porters, which now proudly hangs in the Warburton Hall entrance.

The is just one of the many physical transformations to College over the last three years. We nervously arrived to sparkly new accommodation at Histon Road, which was helpfully close to both Aldi and Dominoes. Just this year the library foyer and basement, alongside the student bar, underwent a Scandinavian style transformation, making more open spaces in which to work and play.

On the subject of play, a personal highlight has been singing as part of the Cavendish Chorale, which has provided consistent sources of joy and relaxation. Whether working on the SU, participating in subject, arts, sporting, or drinking societies, I’m sure these activities likewise provided many a welcome diversion from academic study and occupy a key place in our memories of our time in Cambridge. Formal Halls also stand out for me. Still in my third year, I continue to be astounded by the wonderful women from across the world of which I have the honour of meeting. It’s around the dinner table and in societies that we have forged friendships that will last a lifetime.

As we’ve progressed on our journeys, we’ve shared in some key events in the College’s history. Back in our first year, we celebrated Janet Todd’s presidency and welcomed Jackie Ashley into our community. We celebrated the college’s 50th Birthday and the work of our founders whose famous words still resound with us today: we are not ladies who lunch! Each and every one of us has benefited from this founding ethos, giving intelligent and strong-minded women the chance to flourish, whatever their chosen path.

I hope some of the above has captured what has made the College a place we all came to call home over the last three years. As we go our separate ways, Lucy will always occupy a special place in our hearts. I can’t speak for your memories, but I am confident in saying that you would have had funny, heart-warming, and amazing experiences that will last a lifetime. Whether a mind-blowing supervision, an eventful Bop, or rowing for the college – Lucy has changed us all, empowering us to be the women WE want to be. We Lucians are independent, resilient, and inspiring women who can make a difference to whatever we put our minds to…

Thank you to all who have read my blogs over the last three years. In October, I will be moving to Churchill College to take up a scholarship at the Churchill Archives Centre, studying the MPhil in Modern British History. I have treasured my time at Lucy and look forward to coming back to sing with the Cavendish Chorale. To everyone who has supported me along my Lucy journey - thank you. 

Last photo: Cherish at her graduation with her proud sister.

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