First report from new President of RAG

by Julia Nielsen on 13 March 2017

Hey there - just to quickly introduce myself: my name is Julia Nielsen, I’m Danish, and I am a third year English student at Lucy. If you have been following the Lucy Cavendish Instagram recently, you’ll probably have seen some of the things I spend my time on! It has been a challenging degree, but I decided early on to spend my free time outside of my degree exploring all the incredible opportunities Cambridge has to offer - after all, we only have three short terms per year to explore them!

Of my extracurriculars, one of the most rewarding has been being a part of the largest student charity organisation here, called Cambridge Raising and Giving (or ‘RAG’). In my first year, I acted as college rep for RAG events. I then decided to get more involved in my second year, and sat on the Executive Committee as Publicity Coordinator, heading up a team of five. I then took a smaller role on the committee this year, acting as ticketing officer liaising between RAG and Agora, an external ticketing platform.

So when it came to figuring out what to do after my final year, I wanted to use my three years of experience and skills to best use towards charity. I applied to be next year’s RAG President, which involved submitting my CV, a cover letter, a Manifesto, and doing an hour long interview which was recorded - all these materials were then sent to the RAG Committee and College reps, alongside the materials from another Presidential candidate from Selwyn College (I think it is important to say here that I was up against a very worthy candidate, who was also very enthusiastic about RAG). We then participated in Hustings which involved 5 minute speeches from each candidate, and more than 25 minutes of questions from the floor - after which, we went straight to voting, and it was announced then and there that I would be taking over the RAG Presidency next year.

My immediate thought was ‘wait…was that?…was that my name?…that was my name!’.

After the initial shock, I could not have been happier with the result! I have so many plans for RAG for the upcoming year, and cannot wait to get started. I start in July, and have a few months of dedicated planning and work before I am joined by a new student committee in October. My plan in these months is to lay an efficient foundation and solid framework ready for the year ahead, by - for example - streamlining committee roles, and carrying out proactive outreach to companies in Cambridge who could provide sponsorship, as well as charities locally who may want to collaborate on events.

How can Lucy Cavendish get involved with RAG over the next year?

Everyone - from students to alumni - can get involved with all of the events that we put on each year! Examples include Formal Freedom, which is where RAG provides tickets to different college formals; Jailbreak, which is where you get sponsored to see how far away from Cambridge you can get in 36 hours without any money; the annual ChariTea Garden Party in June; and the annual Easter term Auction which is usually full of brilliant auction lots. There are so many things to get involved with, and you can check everything out on the RAG website or Facebook (see below).

I am particularly interested in getting Lucy Cavendish students involved in as many RAG events as possible, as well as involved with applying for committee roles, so do keep an eye out for the application deadlines coming up next term! I am keen to specify the role to the student in order to provide the most flexibility, as I am aware of time sensitive degree struggles - I have been there myself!

I am also especially keen to get our fabulous Lucy Cavendish alumni, fellows and staff involved in as much as I can! If there are any keen alumni entrepreneurs with businesses who are interested in sponsorship packages, or even with donating smaller items to be used throughout the year as prizes or auction lots, I would be very interested in hearing from you! Please do email me at before June, and after June at

Overall, I’m so proud to be Lucy Cavendish College’s first Sabbatical student officer (which means I can maintain my general student status and stay involved with College life, from rowing to helping out around College!), and I’m so excited for the year ahead - I hope so see as many of the brilliant Lucy Cavendish community as possible getting involved with RAG over the next year. Thank you so much for reading this and I look forward to hearing from you!

Have any questions, or want to get more involved? Feel free to email me, I would love to hear from you!

Please start by checking out our website, liking us on Facebook and following us on Twitter.

You can find out about the charities we are supporting here.


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