Freshers 2014: Half way through?!

by Cherish Watton on 24 February 2015

It is somewhat difficult to believe that last Friday marked halfway through my first year at Lucy. Since returning to Lucy after the Christmas vacation, it is safe to say that the time has flown by even more…

Only last week we received an e-mail about being entered into the Room Ballot to choose our rooms for next year! A group of students at the end of term volunteered to have their rooms photographed, so that it would enable prospective, and current students alike to have a better idea of what accommodation Lucy has to offer. I’d really recommend taking a look at the different Lucy Cavendish in the snowset-ups available; I know from talking to students at other universities that Lucy ladies are very lucky to have such lovely rooms. Anyway, so what has Lent Term held so far?

After surviving the Michaelmas term (a cause for celebration certainly), there has certainly been a notable increase in workload. For me this has particularly been focused on ‘Themes and Sources’, looking at how men and women earned their living from 1377– 1911. This has been incredibly interesting as it allowed me to look in detail at parish records for my village back home. This has also provided the opportunity to get to know more people at other colleges which has been fun.

This term I’ve also tried to attend a few more presentations and talks being offered by the History undergraduate society CLIO, as well as the History Faculty. A recent seminar on Popular History looked at the upcoming ‘Treasured Possessions from the Renaissance to the Enlightenment’ Exhibition at the Fitzwilliam Museum. It really opened my mind to the responsibilities that curators have in guiding visitors through the story of an exhibition – so many areas were mentioned that I had taken for granted as a museum visitor.

One of the highlights so far has been the History Formal Hall which took place last Thursday. Being one of two History undergraduates, it was really exciting to meet fellow Graduate and PhD historians, both past and present members of the Lucy History community, as well as Faculty staff members, and to hear about what fascinating fields of research are being undertaken.

The Lent Term also played host to the first proper snowfall since coming to Cambridge. Yes, travelling in snow is not pleasant and adds time for everyone when getting from A to B… but from a purely aesthetic perspective, it made Cambridge look even more like a picture postcard. I know a lot of friends agree as they shared photos on Facebook and Twitter, of their favourite Cambridge sites dressed in snow. Even though the snow only really lasted for the day, it still provided ample opportunity for Lucy students to build 3 snowladies, quite brilliant!

2015 is a very special year for the Lucy community, celebrating 50 years of this remarkable college. I feel very honoured that I am able to share in the celebrations of a college which has played such a transformative role in many women’s lives.  The start of my own journey at the college has been inspiring and exciting and I look forward to what comes next…

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