Freshers 2014: Home for Christmas

by Tanya Brown on 15 December 2014

This blog differs from my last in that I am writing it from the sanctuary of my own home in the Hampshire Countryside. I can’t begin to explain how nice it is to be at home where there are no work pressures, it really gives me time to sit back and reflect on what has been a whirlwind eight weeks.
Since my last blog I have survived the dreaded week five, feared by all except  freshers because we have no idea what to expect! The fifth week marks the point where one still has mountains of work to do but no real end in sight; it all sounds a bit doom and gloom doesn’t it? In reality I didn’t feel much of a difference, maybe it was because I was still spinning round in a haze of confusion and bewilderment helped along with a glass of wine. Throughout Cambridge, tutors, libraries, departments and student unions put on events that alleviate the stresses. Lucy Cavendish Student Union arranged a pampering day including face masks, and whilst I was in my room reading about Durkheim, others reaped the benefits. 
Another first for me this term was my attempt at borrowing books from the University Library. The University Library itself is not as aesthetically pleasing from the outside when you compare it with King's, Clare or many of the older colleges, but once you walk inside, the magnitude of the building is overwhelming. Moreover the building holds a unique sense of something which I struggle to put into words. If I had to articulate this feeling I would describe it as an atmosphere of arduous work, brilliance and a fear of getting lost: all in all a visit makes for a great experience. Conversely, finding books to borrow in this place should really be part of the interview process as it is a test of patience, perseverance and outside the box thinking. Luckily for me, I accompanied by a wiley second year who knew the intricacies of the ordering system, and after forty minutes we had found three books for her and five books for me and only got lost once!
Around about this time last year (19th December to be exact) I was interviewed at Lucy Cavendish and began the wait to find out my fate. I remember sitting in a room in Oldham Hall the night before my interview reading my notes trying not to panic, and realising very little had meant as much to me as getting into Cambridge. So although I sit comfily by my fire in Hampshire, the feeling has not 
ebbed after completing my first term, and I continue to look forward to next year, when I will once again be mentally challenged in work and conversation amongst like-minded people and my friends.
Good luck to everyone who is interviewing over the coming weeks, and congratulations to all who receive offers to study at Cambridge. in my next blog I will be discussing how I passed the time from receiving my offer to joining, and how best to prepare!
Merry Christmas everyone and may the New Year bring you the news you want...
Tanya x

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