Freshers 2014: The First Four Weeks at Lucy

by Cherish Watton on 31 October 2014

Four weeks ago you would have seen me frantically getting together those last ‘vital’ things for moving to university, those ‘vital’ things being mugs and cushions of which I undoubtedly now have too many! Four weeks later, you’ll find me here at Lucy Cavendish College, which I’ve now come to call ‘Lucy’, sitting on my window seat, writing this blog post after submitting my third History essay of the term (surrounded by cushions!). It’s a short period of relative calm and satisfaction before moving onto next week’s reading. And without sounding too clichéd, looking back on the last four weeks, I’m sure everyone would agree that that the time has flown by!

Since becoming a part of the Lucy community, I’ve been overwhelmed by the friendliness of everyone that I’ve met, right from picking up my keys on the first day to my lovely room, to picking up my post earlier today from the Plodge (Cambridge speak for Porter’s Lodge). To start the term, the Lucy SU Team put on a vast array of Freshers activities, some of the highlights for me included:-

  • The walking tours of Cambridge – I feel like I now know my way around now

  • Punting - a Cambridge must and very informative for finding out more about the history of this beautiful place and

  • A trip to the ADC Theatre to watch ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ - with a Lucy student in the leading role.

I’ve joined a few societies, the Cambridge University Environmental Consulting Society, the Undergraduate History Society and am considering whether to get involved with the Lucy Chorus – there is a huge amount of choice!

Freshers Week certainly went by in a flash, and admittedly despite not remembering everyone’s names, it has been truly fascinating to hear about the various walks of life people have come from and how they’ve come to be studying at Lucy. It also turned out that actually a lot of students had the same trepidations as me, such as writing that first essay after three years out of education…

I’m now starting to get into a routine with my week. The essay I’ve just submitted looked at the popularity of the Crusades; something I can safely say I knew nothing about the start of the week! One of the things that I’ve certainly already taken for granted is the wealth of libraries available here, from the beautiful Lucy Library (where I base myself when writing essays) to the stunning Seeley Library (whose building is rather appropriately shaped like an open book) to the impressive collections of the University Library. I think already in this short space, my reading speed has increased! I try to read as much as possible on the essay topic until a couple of days before it’s due. At this point, it’s then a case of clarifying my argument and deciding how to assimilate all that I’ve read into a logical structure for the essay…it’s certainly easier said than done!

One of aspects which I’ve thoroughly enjoyed is being challenged academically. For instance this week we had a lecture about Gender & Politics in Britain since 1880 which has changed my perception on how politics has been so overtly shaped by gender. I do look forward to lectures because the amount you pick up in an hour is astonishing, a springboard for when you’re going to write the essay or follow up with further reading.

Four weeks later and it’s hard to comprehend everything that has happened since arriving at Lucy. It is hard work, but I enjoy being a part of such a friendly and supportive college community where I already feel I’ve ‘fitted’ in; because there’s a place for everyone…

Now to make that next cup of tea; which mug shall I choose?

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