Greetings from a second year at Lucy

by Cherish Watton on 10 November 2015

Greetings from a second year at Lucy! Yesterday marked the half way point of the Michaelmas term which has already gone by very quickly. My fourth essay of the term is in, so tonight is an evening ‘off’ before next week’s essay is set. It is strange to think that this time last year everything was all so new and different and I was just at the beginning of my journey at Lucy.

This time a year on it has been nice coming back to Lucy knowing what to expect in terms of accommodation, lectures and just generally how things ‘work’ around Cambridge. I was thrilled that I was able to return to the same room as I had last year and, as you would expect, I have had great fun decorating it with all manner of home furnishings – although not with as many cushions as last year! Packing for the second year has certainly been more selective than the first…although I expect to have it down to a fine art this time next year.Halloween fun at Lucy Cavendish

Like last year, lectures have been fascinating. I am currently studying American history from the Revolution right up until 1865 which I am thoroughly enjoying.  I have loved writing on women’s history in the early American republic, grappling with concepts such as ‘separate spheres’ and the ‘cult of womanhood’ to understand how some historians have characterised the role of different groups of American women. Part of my essay this week questioned whether the nineteenth century was actually that transformative in terms of popular participation, and this has naturally lead me to examine the Seneca Falls Convention, spearheaded by some truly inspiring women.

On this topic of inspiring women, I am very excited about the upcoming ‘Where are the women?’ conference to be hosted by our new President Jackie Ashley at the Cambridge Union later this month. With well-known figures from many different fields, I am looking forward to hearing about the bigger picture of women’s participation at work and home, and how we can best overcome the barriers which are preventing women from excelling further.

This term I have ventured more outside the centre of Cambridge, not something I was able to do that often last year. Last weekend I headed over to The Orchard Tea Rooms with some friends, and sampled their delightful cheese scones and tea. It was fun to explore the local village of Grantchester, beautifully adorned in autumnal colours. I also recently went to Lucy’s Halloween Formal Hall which was equally a fun experience. My sister came down and we got into the ‘spirit’ of things by putting cloaks and hats to their proper use for a ‘spook-tacular’ evening…okay I’ll leave the Halloween puns there…

Now that we have entered November, whether we like it or not, it is the inherent countdown to Christmas. As a member (and now Treasurer) of the Cavendish Chorale, we have been getting into the Christmas spirit by preparing all sorts of Christmas carols and songs for the College Christmas Concert on the 5th December. We hope to see many new and familiar faces there.

And on that note, I shall bring this post to a close. Happy halfway Michaelmas term!

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