Hosting a workshop on developing children’s literature collections

by Jessica Lim on 5 September 2017

On Wednesday 30 August the Lucy Cavendish College Library hosted a workshop on developing children’s literature collections, attended by fifteen students from the University of Washington. The event was co-ordinated by co-president of the Children’s Literature Society, Jen Aggleton and Library and Information Services Officer, Jo Harcus. Over the course of the afternoon, three sessions examined different aspects of collection building. Between sessions, participants spent time in the foyer, examining the exhibition of books from the Founder’s Collection curated by Gill Saxon, and browsing the growing children’s literature collection. Many exciting and excited conversations were held in these breaks - the growing children’s literature collection in particular proved popular! 

In the first session, Jen brought in several pop-up books, to the excitement of all the participants. We discussed the benefits and difficulties associated with pop-up collections, and discussed why the College vision of building a research collection of pop-ups is an innovative and exciting prospect in the UK.

For the following session Jen presented on her current work at the British Library, where she is setting up procedures to preserve digital comics and creating a special web archive collection of web comics. The discussions centred around the technological requirements for digital preservation, as well as the sociological impact of the archive.  The afternoon closed with a set of group activities in which participants were encouraged to brainstorm the pros and cons of involving children in building children’s literature collections in schools, public libraries, academic libraries, and archives. The students from the University of Washington, accompanied by Professor Michele Martin, were all highly engaged - the workshop went overtime due to the many questions!

Feedback from the workshop has been extraordinarily positive, and the Children’s Literature Society extends its thanks to the Lucy Cavendish librarians for hosting and facilitating such a dynamic workshop. To find out more about the Children's Literature Society, please click here.

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