Lucy Cavendish alumna finds entrepreneurial success at 479°

by Jeanette Ariano, Marketing Manager on 25 February 2015

Jean ArnoldJean Arnold matriculated to Lucy Cavendish in 1995 to study Law. Today she is the founder of 479° - a business producing and selling artisan popcorn at

Following Lucy Cavendish, Jean worked as a corporate financier at Goldman Sachs in London, then for the Yahoo! eCommerce team in San Francisco. More recently she has pursued her entrepreneurial ambitions – first turning a small business into a profitable venture, before focusing her talents on launching 479°.

When Jean first discovered the ideal temperature for popping corn, she made it the company name: 479° Degrees. Today, she is still obsessed with getting every detail right: Real ingredients. Mouthwatering flavors. Small batches. Because only the best will do. 

The result is a wholesome, crave-worthy treat. Proof that feeding your snack addiction can be both incredibly good and good for you.  

As Jean’s business grows, she remains committed to high quality, culinary-worthy ingredients and the green mission that sits at the heart of 479° - proof that business success can go hand-in-hand with ethical choices.

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