Lucy Cavendish at Fifty

by Jeanette Ariano, Marketing Manager on 27 November 2014

'So it is without towers or turrets, without a chaplain or Porters, without a building of its own or even a foundation grant, Britain's first graduate college for women has quietly come into being'.

                    The Times, 11th October 1965

In 1965, fifteen years after Anna Bidder, Kathleen Wood-Legh and Margaret Braithwaiteordered three glasses of wine and drank to the idea” of establishing another women’s college in Cambridge, Lucy Cavendish Collegiate Society finally gained recognition from the University. After three attempts the twenty two founding Fellows had achieved recognition as an Approved Society (the recognition necessary in order to achieve full College status) and one month later moved into temporary accommodation in Silver Street. Kate Bertram is pictured outside the temporary office.

Lucy Cavendish Offices

In 2015 we will therefore be celebrating our fiftieth anniversary of gaining College status. After some discussion it has been decided to celebrate this marvellous achievement throughout the calendar year of 2015, rather than in either academic year, and we do hope you will join us in this. 

From accepting our first resident graduate student in 1966 to opening our doors to 64 students at the new Student Centre on Histon Road in 2014; to an initial intake of one graduate student in 1966 to a student body of over 350 students in 2014, and from one paid member of staff in 1965 to an ever-growing staff body in 2015, it is clear that progress at Lucy Cavendish College continues to march on. However, the ethos of making a real difference to women’s lives and work and supporting academic excellence in women from all walks of life has remained at the heart of the College community. 

However, despite the remarkable achievements of the last fifty years we have no intention of resting on our laurels and have big plans for our next fifty!

We do hope that you will be able to join us during the coming year in marking this occasion. The fiftieth anniversary year will be a highly significant year for Lucy Cavendish College in many aspects, as we say farewell to our current President Professor Jan Todd OBE and welcome the College’s eighth President, Ms Jackie Ashley, in Michaelmas Term 2015.

More information will be available in January 2015.