Lucy Cavendish Graduate Movie Night

by Kyaelim Kwon on 19 December 2013

On Friday 29th November, several Lucy Cavendish students spent the entire night in the common room watching Hollywood classics and Broadway musicals. Starting in the 50s' Cuba with Dirty Dancing 2: Havana Nights, the next destination was the 90s' New York with Broadway rendition of Rent.

With pizza, popcorn, wine, and most importantly, great company, the event was a fantastic success. For Claudia, a PhD student who spends most of her time at the Engineering department, the event gave her a rare opportunity to just relax and mingle with other Lucy Cavendish students. It also inspired Kavana, an LLM student, to consider having a Bollywood film night in the near future!

A huge thanks goes to the Student Union that funded the event.

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