Lucy/Hughes win The Pegasus Cup!

by Elinor George, LCCBC President on 14 June 2014

And here is the final run down of the action from yesterday!

W2 finally got even with Clare W3, who failed to clear quickly enough on Thursday giving W2 a technical rowover. They bumped them just before First Post Corner, in prime position for the donors and alumni at the College Bumps Picnic to see up close the excitement that is May Bumps.

It was then W1, going for the coveted Double Blades against LMBC W2, who we bumped on the last day of Lents. Although we had a rowover on Wednesday, because we had bumped 4 times, Lucy Boat Club victorious in the May Bumps!we were still eligible for College Blades, which are awarded at the College's discretion. After our final checks and fist-bumping rituals, it was time to race for the last time this academic year. As usual, we rose to the occasion and powered up on LMBC W2, bumping them just after the motorway bridge. Although most of our supporters didn't see the bump, it was fantastic to row past the Picnic with all the cheers and shouts for Lucy. More congratulations from spectators were heard all the way home. This victory is a testament to how hard the crew has worked all year. Going from getting bumped 3 times and rowing over twice in last Mays, we have successfully secured a position in Division Two as well as being the only crew this year to have won Lent and Mays Blades.

Not only did W1 win College Blades, but Lucy/Hughes have also won The Pegasus Cup. The Cup is awarded to the most successful Club in the May Bumps, and with no crews getting bumped, as well as M1 and M2 winning blades, it has been an amazing week for the whole Boat Club.

I would like to thank everyone who has put so much energy and effort into really turning the women's side around this year. Whilst having a dedicated committee has created a working structure, it is the rowers themselves that have given us these victories. They turn up unceasingly, be it at 6am in the morning for an outing, or 6pm in the evening for an intensive hour of erging, and give it their absolute all!

Special credit must also go to our fantastic coaches - Hannah Spry for W1 and Jonas Schwenck for W2, who have been so dedicated to their crews and have helped them to achieve these fantastic results.

Sadly, we are losing several members this year, particularly Kate Stevens and Erin Townsend, who have been a constant source of support and guidance throughout this year. As they and others move onto a new stage in their lives, I wish them all the best. I hope you have enjoyed your time with the Lucy Boat Club; you will be sorely missed.

This has been a truly amazing year - I never expected that we could reach such heights but everyone's determination has won through against all the odds. Congratulations Lucy/Hughes!

Unfortunately, the end of Bumps also signals the end of rowing for this academic year, but I look forward to welcoming a fresh cohort of novices in Michaelmas and all the new challenges that await us for next year.

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