Tales from the May Bumps

by Jessica Phillips on 17 June 2015

Day 1

W2 kicked off HHLCCBC’s May Bumps Campaign racing in the 4th Division chasing Murray Edwards W3. They gained on them quickly and got the first bump of the week before First Post Corner!

Starting in position 16 by the lock, W1 began their campaign chasing Clare W2. Gaining on them from the start, W1 caught them quickly bumping under the motorway bridge.

Day 2

The W2 girls had another quick race, gaining on Sidney Sussex W2 from the start and bumping them on First Post Corner!

Queen’s W2 bumped out ahead of W1 early on, leaving us to chase the over bump on Robinson. We had closed the gap down to 2 or so boat lengths when a bump on Grassy corner and some badly positioned crews impeded Robinson who stopped and were given a technical row over. As our W1 approached Grassy we were given some mixed instructions by the marshals who couldn’t decide whether to make us stop or not. However, it resulted in a row over for W1.

Day 3

Now in position 2, W2 had their sights set on bumping Clare Hall and becoming the sandwich boat with the possibility of bumping up into division 3. Just before Ditton corner they did just that, bumping Clare Hall down to 2nd position. As the sandwich boat in division 3, W2 rowed over after Fitzwilliam W2 bumped out ahead of them.

Rallied up from the unfortunate situation that occurred on Thursday, W1 were ready to go out and show that they deserved to be higher in the Bumps rankings! It took 59 seconds for us to bump Wolfson W1 and it was fantastic that Dame Veronica was there to witness it!

Day 4

W2 were now in the 1st position in division 4 meaning they would have to row over to be sandwich boat again in division 3. Not having another crew to chase makes rowing 2km more challenging and unfortunately Clare Hall managed to catch us outside the Plough. However, it was a really strong row from W2 and they achieved three bumps and moved up 2 places overall which is a fantastic achievement.

W1 were chasing the bump on Queen’s W2 who had got away on Day 2 by bumping Wolfson. This time they were not so lucky and we were able to catch them just beyond the motorway bridge less than 2 minutes into the race. Overall, W1 moved up three places and will start 13th in division 2 next Mays. We are quickly working our way up to where we should be, amongst the first boats towards the top of division 2, and hopefully in the future we’ll be able to break into the first division.

It has really been an absolutely fantastic term and year for the whole Club. Congratulations to everyone who competed and a massive thank you to all those who came to cheer us on, those who helped with Bank partying the crews and of course the coaches. We are sorry to lose so many wonderful rowers this year but we wish all those leaving all the best and we hope to see you all at the next Boat Club Dinner! 

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