My experience here as a Visiting Student

by Ellen Verde on 13 February 2018

A few days before leaving for Cambridge, sitting in my old bedroom sorting papers, I found a list of what 15-year old me wanted to achieve in life. Goal number seven was very clear – go to the University of Cambridge. 

My name is Ellen Verde, I’m 22 years old and I study Human, Social and Political Sciences as a Visiting Student here at Lucy Cavendish College. Before coming to Cambridge, I had studied law for two years at Stockholm University in Sweden. As I still had two and a half years left of my law degree and my university did not have an Erasmus contract with Cambridge, being a Visiting Student seemed like the obvious choice for me. The more I read about Lucy Cavendish College, the more certain I became that it was this college I wanted to apply for. Although the application process first seemed daunting, in the end it all went smoothly.  

Studying here at Lucy feels like being welcomed with open arms. Contrary to what I feared before going here, I’m as much part of the College life and University as any undergraduate student. This year as a Visiting Student has given me the opportunity to explore subjects and questions I wouldn’t have been able to otherwise. Cambridge means a lot of work and late nights in the library, there’s no denying it. But it also means great BOPs in the College bar, walks around the beautiful city and heated discussions over a cup of tea.

The first week I called home and said that the only problem I had was not being able to stay for three years. But I know already now that this year at Cambridge will help me in my further studies and career. Everything from Weber’s writings and the ethnographic method, to drinking coffee and biking in left handed-traffic – being a Visiting Student has taught me a lot. 

You can find out more about applying as a Visiting Student here.

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