Newnham Short Course - 31st January 2015

by Jessica Phillips on 5 February 2015

It was the third Saturday of Lent term which meant that it was time for the annual Newnham Short Course race; a 2km course from the Motorway bridge to the Railway bridge, the same as the Bumps course. 

This time it was W2’s turn to compete against the other college teams and demonstrate how good Lucy/Hughes is on the river in their first race as seniors. The weather was not in anyone's favour and, although the snow had finally stopped after the morning’s divisions, the girls would have to battle against strong gusty winds and freezing temperatures. The stream was also extremely strong with boat after boat being swept into the bank during marshalling. But as the first crew pushed off at the lock, it was time to focus and attack the looming 2km course.

Churchill’s W2 set off in front of us and, after leaving a larger than usual time gap between us and them, our girls were given the command “Attention… GO!”. The first part of the course, consisting of testing corners, was steered brilliantly by cox Sally Mole in difficult conditions. By Grassy corner we, on the bank, caught sight of Churchill ahead and we knew the girls would be able to chase them down. The girls were powering down the course, catching on Churchill with every sharp catch and powerful stroke. As we got onto the reach Lucy/Hughes had closed the gap to only four boat lengths and the finish line was in sight. Sally called for a power 10 to carry them down the reach and then another to push them over the finish line.

The girls put in a really strong performance and completed the course in an impressive time of 9 minutes 20 seconds, coming 6th out of the W2 boats and beating Catz W2, First and Third W2 and Downing W2. Well done to the whole team and I’m sure we can look forward to many more sterling performances from them throughout the term. 

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