Reflections on Lent Term

by Tanya Brown on 24 February 2015

Kings in SpringComing back to Cambridge after the lovely, long, relaxing Christmas break was a tug. As you can probably tell, I didn’t manage to do any work, despite taking out around twenty different books from various libraries. Well I suppose that is something of a lie; I managed to do a little bit of revision. The holiday was really a great time to reflect on the term that had been, and also to have a break, I think I slept for three days solid.

The first few weeks of term flew by in a whirlwind of essays and social events. Fortunately as part of my reflection, I managed to pen in all my submission dates for work and my supervision times, which gave me a really clear picture of how the term would pan out. The first essay I had due was for Sociology on the topic of Gender and Employment. Last term Sociology was my arch nemesis as I struggled to grasp some of the theorists, so to be able to write about a topic I am genuinely interested in, I feel really improved my essay, which was hopefully noticed by my supervisor. A milestone in this term for me was getting an essay back marked as a first (just). Not all of my essays are marked, but for Biological Anthropology I asked for them to be so that I can keep track of my progress. Getting some form of recognition of your hard work without having to wait for exam results is actually really quite motivational.

At the beginning of February my Mum came to Cambridge to celebrate her birthday, which coincidently fell on her actual birthday. The theme of the formal was Achievements in which kind sponsors who donate money to student bursarys are invited to meet the students. We also celebrate student achievements such as sporting, musical and academic. Several of my friends received academic awards and it was lovely to be able to celebrate their achievements with them. My Mum had an amazing evening although she was highly amused by the academic gowns we all wear, for me it is just part of Cambridge, so I forget that that isn’t what one wears to dinner every Thursday!

I have attached a picture that I took on a frosty morning as I walked to lecture, enjoy!

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