Revision, Entertainment and work-life balance!

by Tanya Brown on 16 April 2015

The end of Lent Term has been and gone, and I have given myself ten days off, of which I have only two left, before I begin revision for exams in eight weeks. Last term went in a bit of a blur toward the end, a haze of essays and some really beautiful weather provided a dichotomy of emotions towards Cambridge. The beauty of cycling down the backs can’t be escaped really, well unless you are slightly late for a nine o’clock lecture and get stuck in rush hour traffic, not that this has ever happened…!

My essays at the end of term became more focussed on exam technique as I practiced writing timed essays in one hour. As a perfectionist (like the rest of Cambridge), it is quite hard to let go of the quality that you loose when you start practising this technique. In search of ever less time consuming ways to write essays, this method provided just that, and I found some more time to engage in other activities, such as riding my horse that has come to join me in Cambridge. At the beginning of the year I didn’t join a massive amount of societies, as I wasn’t sure how I would cope with the workload, which whilst hefty, does allow some free time. For those of you that have received your offers, and are tentatively looking at the societies’ page, which can be found here:, depending on your subject (arguably sciences have more contact time, Arts subjects have more reading hours) I would suggest that you will have room to take up two or three societies, again this would depend on the society and training time. I spend about ten hours a week with a horse or in the gym, which has helped my mental capacity to study, and in comparison to last term I feel like I have a better work-life balance.

In the vain of taking on more extra-curricular activities, I have decided to get involved with the Lucy Cavendish Student Union (LCSU or SU). With two other friends who will be going into their third year, we decided to run for Entertainment Team, or in Cambridge speak, Ents. We decided to run for this position in order to continue the excellent events run by the lovely Emma, Emma and Alice our current Ents Team, some of which have been mentioned e.g. Harry Potter Formal. In order to apply for SU positions we had to complete propositions that were submitted, then give a brief presentation at Hustings (SU meeting) of our ideas, following which, everyone votes online. Luckily we won the vote, and for those who are joining us in October, we will inevitably meet and hopefully you will enjoy our Fresher’s itinerary as much as I enjoyed last years!

I think that is all for now, I better return to not thinking about exams next term! Eek!   

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