Rowing off the Cam at the Bedford Head

by Kate Coghlan on 14 February 2017

For many of our rowers, last weekend was the first opportunity to race on a different river. The W1 and W2 crews did well despite snow and the unfamiliar location. 

Coach Hannah Spry said,

”It was bitterly freezing. W1 came second among Cambridge Colleges and third overall. Both W1 and W2 shaved 20 seconds off their previous times for the same distance.”

April Bowman said,

“The rowers worked hard but our success was really down to the amazing work of our Coxes Maddie Winder and Linda Gruijthuijsen, who had a new river to navigate and lots of narrow bridges at high speed, not to mention the snow! It was a real exercise in trust.”

Julia Nielsen, who rows for W2 said,

“It was exciting for everyone to compete off the Cam. The Great Ouse in Bedford is a pretty river and very central.”

W2 and W3 also recently competed in the Newnham Short Course and came in 5th and 6th place respectively.

April Bowman said,

“Both crews beat a few W1s and did really well. It bodes well for the upcoming ‘Getting On’ race and subsequent success in the Bumps for all three crews.”

Photo: a freezing cold selfie by HHLCCBC

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