Students seize opportunity to explore Shanghai with SUFE Summer School

by Dr Henriette Hendriks and Dr Isobel Maddison on 24 September 2015

ShanghaiShanghai – a dynamic city of almost 20 million people, with a reputation for history, luxury, sky-rocketing buildings and exotic promise.

Earlier this summer, students and fellows from Lucy Cavendish were lucky enough to gain an insight into Shanghai life, as part of the annual summer school at the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (SUFE).

Each year SUFE provide a limited number of free places for Cambridge University students. Students from Lucy Cavendish accepted on the course were also supported by the College with a travel grant - covering their flight costs. The Summer School offers fantastic opportunities to broaden horizons and interact with other students – both from China and other Cambridge Colleges.

The SUFE summer school also enables Cambridge academics to share their expertise internationally. Two Lucy Cavendish fellows were involved in teaching on the course this year. Vice-President, Dr Isobel Maddison and Dr Henriette Hendriks taught classes on English Literature and Linguistics respectively, as part of the education programme.

As well as providing a structured educational programme of lectures and talks on a wide range of topics, the Summer School also provides lots of time to explore Chinese culture. Dana Usher, 2014 Summer School student recalls:

Shanghai“It made me want to find out more about Chinese culture and also proved to me that learning Chinese is possible. During the first weekend we travelled to an ancient water town and visited a market and temple in Shanghai.

In the afternoons we had free time to explore the city on our own. Shanghai is a huge city and contains extremely modern areas and skyscrapers, as well as highly dense poverty neighbourhoods.”

Photos provided by Laura Misseldine.

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