The Start of the Easter Term!

by Cherish Watton on 28 April 2015

So today marks the first day of the Easter Term – my third term at Cambridge. The start of term bizarrely comes with a sense of relief as it marks the end of Prelim exams and the start of a new paper looking at British Economic and Social history.

Last term, my essays focused on modern British political history, something I have always enjoyed, and is of course particularly relevant coming up to the election. Despite having studied the topic before, it was quite a new approach to look at how parties and leaders framed their appeals specifically for different sections of a growing electorate, and ultimately to assess how successful such efforts were in gaining support.

One of my favourite essays was looking at Thatcher’s leadership – controversial I know. It was fascinating to assess how her leadership compared with other female political leaders, both at a local and national level. Surprisingly, there were more similarities than I had expected … it certainly challenged the way I thought about female political leadership.

The week I was writing on Thatcher also played host to International Women’s Day, and as you would expect, the college appropriately marked the occasion. Nine students presented five-minute ‘snapshot’ speeches, giving a window into their research, travel experiences and wider projects – showcasing the uniquely diverse range of topics and experiences of Lucy students. I had the honour of speaking on the website I have created on the Women’s Land Army, which led to some fascinating discussions. This week was certainly a highlight, writing on women’s political leadership and talking about my passion for the Women’s Land Army  - such a buzz!

The remainder of Lent Term went by in a flash, with the last few weeks being particularly busy. As regular readers of the blog might know, I am part of the Cavendish Chorale, the student choir at Lucy, and towards the end of term we had an away day to the North Norfolk Coast. It was a fun day with some productive rehearsals, coupled with fish and chips, and a walk on the beautiful beach at Holkham - a great opportunity to get to know members of the choir more. We’re really excited to be showcasing the pieces we’ve been working on over the last term at our first concert, ‘A Short Concert For Spring’, at St Edmund’s Chapel, 30th April, from 6 – 7pm. We very much look forward to seeing people there!

In the meantime, let the Easter Term commence!

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