Welcome to Nautilus 13

by Judith Roberts on 28 February 2018

Welcome to Nautilus 13, where we continue to feature interesting articles from our alumnae.Judith Roberts

Our main theme in this issue is 'Policing, Prisons and Security'. Two of our Honorary Fellows, Dame Anne Owers and Dame Stella Rimington, have written about their high-profile work in quite different fields of public safety. Anne Owers' focus on prisons and their inmates is echoed in the piece by Ruth Haynes, where she reflects on her work with the Parole Board.

We also have an article by Bryanna Fox, an alumna from the USA, working in Tampa, Florida, on criminal profiling and supporting the FBI on reducing gun crime. This is highly topical at present as there has been yet another horrific High School shooting in the past fortnight. I am writing this piece from Florida, where much of the current media coverage is dedicated to Gun Laws: the demonstrations by students and others who despair of the violence in US society - and the attempts by the gun lobby to justify the ownership of deadly weapons by citizens as young as sixteen years of age. It is heartening to see so many young people challenging the orthodoxy here and demanding change. Another Lucy alumna in the USA, Barbara Wittman, brings all these themes together in her very personal polemic on male violence and the necessity for women in all walks of life to challenge acts of aggression wherever they encounter them.

We have news, too, on several Lucy ventures. The Alumnae Association Arts Prize was awarded last month to Molly Yarn, who is the current President of the Marlowe Society. Molly is a PhD student at Lucy Cavendish College, working on the history of women publishers - a significant, but largely unsung group.

Lucy Cavendish students, Fellows and alumnae have always been keen to write about issues of importance to women and in this Nautilus you can read about two publishing initiatives: one that is on-going and the other which will be launched later this year. Hollie Wells, the editor of The Cavendish Chronicle shares her views on the magazine and its mission, while alumna Hannah Hutchings-Georgiou makes links between progressive women journalists, both past and present, and our proposed Lucy Writers' Platform, which will give space to all Lucy Cavendish women who would like to write for the wider Lucy community.

We hope that you enjoy reading these articles. Our next Nautilus, in Easter Term, will feature alumnae from overseas. If you would like to contribute, please contact the College Development Office.

Judith Roberts

March 2018 

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