Welcome to Nautilus 9

by Judith Roberts on 17 November 2016

Welcome to Nautilus 9, our Michaelmas edition for 2016, a year when we will see many interesting developments in the life of the College, many of which will be covered by Nautilus, as they happen.

Our newsletter has grown in size and scope since we launched our first edition in 2014 and we have covered a wide range of topics, all sent to us by our alumnae. We have looked back to the earliest College newsletter and published a piece by the editor of the current ‘student rag’ the Cavendish Chronicle. Some of our medical alumnae have written articles informing readers of their work and others have reflected upon their ‘Life after Lucy’. We interviewed our President, Jackie Ashley, soon after she took up her post and we reported on the opening of the new student centre in Histon Road.

We’ve also increased our circulation, thanks to the work done by our Development Office in updating our alumnae database. Please make sure that you inform them of any changes to your contact details.Judith Roberts, President of LCCACC

On 24th September 2016, the Alumnae Association AGM was held in College and a new President, committee and sub-committees were elected. Please see the College website for details of current committee members.

The AGM was followed by our annual Alumnae Association dinner, which was well attended by alums, their friends and partners. We were very fortunate to have a prestigious guest speaker, Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, who spoke about her experiences as a young Muslim woman developing her career in an England that was prejudiced against both women and new-comers from overseas. She expressed her concerns that the all-too-frequent stories of aggression and abuse towards immigrants are indicators of increased intolerance in our current society, against which we must all be vigilant. Yasmin was an interesting and thought-provoking speaker and we thank her for spending time with us.

In this Nautilus we focus on drama and performance. Our Life after Lucy contributor, Ginny Davis tells us how she forsook a career in law for one in comedy; Tamara Micner suggests how the place of women in the theatre reflects women’s role in wider society; Charlotte Quinney presents a spirited case for radical feminist adaptations of Shakespeare, and we have our first article by a current undergrad as Alice Carlill writes of her experiences in drama at the University.

The College is always very keen to maintain contact with all our alums and it’s especially pleasing when we can offer a ‘Welcome Home’ to an alumna from overseas. Some of you may remember Barbara Wittman, either when she was an undergraduate or as a visiting scholar. Here she shares her experience of re-visiting the College over the past summer. We’d love to hear from more of our overseas alumnae – and, of course, those closer to home too.

The Lucy Cavendish Alumnae Association have also recently set up our own social media accounts, so don't forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (Lucy Cavendish Alum Association).

We hope that you enjoy reading about some of your fellow alumnae. Please keep the stories coming in!

The President and Committee of the Alumnae Association

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