We’ve won the ice cream, now let’s show them that we’re capable of REAL change!

by Annika Brouwer on 28 February 2018

We’ve won the ice-cream, now lets show them that we’re capable of REAL change!

As part of the Student Switch Off campaign (www.studentswitchoff.org/unis/cambridge) Lucy is supporting Switch Off Week from 5 to 11 March. During the week the campaign will be monitoring electricity usage across all Colleges and Lucy will be awarded bronze/silver/GOLD/PLATINUM in the campaign depending how much energy we save compared to the previous week.


Please do what you can to save energy by following these simple tips:

  •  Switching off lights when rooms are empty· 
  • Switching off appliances when not in use and not leaving them on standby
  • Washing clothes at lower temperatures (most clothes are OK being washed at 30oc)
  • Putting a lid on the pan when cooking (saves time too!)
  • Not overfilling the kettle (saves time too!)
  • If it’s warm enough to open a window, turn down the heating too

You can read about what great things we can achieve together when we try by clicking on the ice-cream news story here.

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