Winners of the 2016 Art & Photography Competition!

by Tanya Brown on 4 May 2016

On behalf of the Library and Students' Union, we are delighted to announce the winners of the 2016 Art & Photography Competition. We were really pleased with the range and variety of entries that we received from all parts of the College community. This made the job of the judging panel a very difficult one indeed. The judges were all impressed with the different interpretations of the theme of "community", which brought out many varied ideas and led to plenty of discussion. However, the judges have now come to their decision and are pleased to announce the results. We have included below some of the winners' own descriptions of how their entry fits the theme:

Feeding the pigeons in Dam Square, Amsterdam

First place

Ellen Gage for "Feeding the pigeons in Dam Square, Amsterdam" (Photograph)

This photograph shows how community "can be built around such simple and naturally occurring activities that bring people together" as well as illustrating how a community is made up of "both stability and transience" in the mixture of tourists and locals.

© Image copyright Ellen Gage




Mevagissey, Cornwall

Second place

Alison Lucas for "Mevagissey, Cornwall" (Oil painting)

An oil painting of both pleasure craft and fishing boats on a bright September day which "represents the local boating community in Mevagissey, Cornwall".

© Image copyright Alison Lucas







A helping hand

Third place

Jennifer Strtak for "A Helping Hand" (Mixed media)

A sculpture in paper, wire and wood in which one hand is depicted helping to untangle wire from another, presenting the need for "an artistic community that engages in collaborative work [...] as the key to liberating the imagination and producing the most creative art", with a book as the base to represent the inspired imaginations of the artists.

© Image copyright Jennifer Strtak


The winners each receive Amazon vouchers (£75 for the winner, £50 for second place and £25 for third place). In addition, the winning entry and the second and third place runners-up will all be displayed in College for the next year. The winning photograph will be specially printed and enlarged for display and once all the winning works are in place, we will let you know where you will be able to admire them.

In the meantime, the entries remain on display in the cases in the Library foyer so if you have not yet had a chance to see them for yourselves then please do come and have a look.

We would like to offer very grateful thanks to the members of the judging panel, as theirs was a difficult job at a very busy time of year: Dr Sarah Gull (Fellow and chair of the Fine Arts committee), Mara Gonzalez-Souto (editor of the Cavendish Chronicle), Heather Dorrell (SU Vice-President), Isabel Clare (Alumnae Association), Celine Carty (Librarian) and Helen Kirkby (Executive Assistant to the President). And of course, a very big thank you to *all* of the people who took part in the competition, making it such a real showcase of the artistic talents of the Lucy Cavendish community.

Celine Carty and Tanya Brown


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Anthea Bain

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"I am very happy to know that I am contributing towards that special experience for other students. It’s a good feeling."

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