Mary James, Fellow Commoner, retired in 2014 from her positions as Professor and Associate Director of Research at the University of Cambridge Faculty of Education. In the 2000s, she directed the ESRC ‘Learning How to Learn’ project, within the Teaching and Learning Research Programme (TLRP), of which she was deputy director. From 2011 to 2013 she was President of the British Educational Research Association. In 2011 she was a member of the Expert Panel appointed by the UK Coalition Government to assist the review the National Curriculum in England. She has been an adviser to the Hong Kong Education Bureau since 2000, and to the NordForsk ‘Education for Tomorrow’ programme from 2013-17. She was a member of the UK Assessment Reform Group from 1992-2010, and a non-executive director of Bell Educational Services Ltd from 2013-15. She has published more than 100 books, chapters and articles and, in 2013, her ‘selected works’ were published by Routledge. She began her career as a teacher in three secondary schools.

Relationship history with Lucy Cavendish College:

Fellow Commoner; formerly GB Fellow (1996 – 2004) until I left Cambridge for a Chair in IOE, London. Returned to Cambridge in 2007 as part-time professor in the Faculty of Education. Retired from the Faculty in 2014. 

Degrees and Honours:

BEd (Hons)(Sussex); MA (London); PhD (Open); MA(Cantab)

Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences

Membership of Professional Bodies/ Associations:

British Educational Research Association (President 2001-2013)

Academy of Social Sciences


1.  Books and major published research reports

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2.  Articles in journals

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3. Chapters in books

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4. Other Output


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