Visiting fellows

Lucy Cavendish welcomes distinguished academics from other academic institutions to participate in the intellectual and social life of the College as Visiting Fellows. VisitVisiting Fellow at Lucy Cavendishing Fellows are matriculated members of Lucy Cavendish College.

Visiting Fellows are encouraged to join the Fellows at research evenings, College lectures and seminars. They are also welcome to join the College community at lunch and dinner.  Visiting Fellows are offered five free meals plus one dinner (Formal Hall) per week. It is also hoped Visiting Fellows will support student activities. 

Recent Visiting Fellows include:

Professor Rosa Greaves (University of Glasgow) 
Professor Susan Phillips (Carlton University) 
Professor Natalie Lee (University of Southampton) 
Professor Rosemary Pattenden (UEA) 

Visiting Fellows are offered the use of the Fellows’ Combination Room and a library study carrel in the College library as well as access to the shared Fellows’ room which has its own IT facilities. A share of a private study may be possible as well as accommodation (see further particulars for details concerning rent).

Visiting Fellows are charged £1,040 per term and £150 per month during the long vacation to cover the cost of providing college services and facilities; other meals in addition to those provided free of charge would be charged at senior rate. Please see further details for more information.

Applications for Visiting Fellowships are invited from senior female academics¹  from an overseas, EU or UK University or recognised Research Establishment who intend to conduct research in the University of Cambridge or in a recognised research establishment in Cambridge. Visiting Fellows are normally expected to be in residence for at least one term and their tenure cannot normally be extended beyond one academic or calendar year. Visiting Fellowships are awarded on a competitive basis.

Process of Application:

Applicants for Visiting Fellowships should provide an up-to-date CV and list of publications, the names and contact details of two referees, information about their proposed affiliation (if any) to a University Department, Centre or Research establishment and an outline of their project while in Cambridge. Applicants should ask their referees to write directly to the College. Applications and references should be sent electronically to: from whom further details can be obtained.

Applications should be submitted by 1 April in the academic year before the one in which the Visiting Fellow intends to be in Cambridge (i.e. 1 April 2018 for a Visiting Fellowship in the academic year 2018-19). Applications would be considered by Council in the Easter Term for recommendation to the Governing Body at its June meeting.

 [¹] Equality Act 2010, Lucy Cavendish College has exemption from the provisions relating to Sex Discrimination