Lucy Cavendish College Strategy to 2020

“During 2016-17 we have been working on the College Strategic Plan to identify the best approaches to meeting the challenges for the next 3-5 years, while setting the foundations for the College in the longer term. This webpage summarises the strategic direction of the College, and the Governing Body looks forward to working with the whole College community to enable us all to support our ambitions for the future.”

College President, Jackie Ashley  |  January 2018


Academic CommunIty 

  • Successful Students, Fellows and Associates achieving excellence in a range of areas
  • The college of choice in defined subjects supported with greater depth and breadth in the fellowship
  • A community which fosters confidence, independence, and resilience with personal responsibility for learning and well-being
  • Intellectual health and personal development encouraged through participation and excellence in extracurricular activities including sport, music, the arts and voluntary work
  • A stimulating centre for debate, encouraging interdisciplinary thinking and enjoyment of learning 
  • A strong community working together for the benefit of society 

21st Century estates and facilities

  • Suitable accommodation, educational and administrative facilities for all Students/Fellows/Staff who need it    
  • Multi-purpose spaces for student facilities and conferences   
  • Buildings furnished and equipped to high standards 
  • Full use of digital infrastructure and innovation

Financially sustainable

  • An endowment sufficient to realise the College’s ambitions  
  • A regular operating surplus


  • The go-to place for talented, ambitious women over 21 within the University of Cambridge
  • Recognised for influencing and enabling women to achieve and widen their ambitions
  • Well-known as a centre of academic freedom and excellence
  • Known as having a forward looking dynamic and an inclusive community
  • Recognised as a leading force in delivering equality
  • Known for imaginative thinking and bold initiatives to meet the challenges of an evolving society
  • A wide network of actively engaged supporters of the College who are proud of their association 


Collaborative: we are supportive with a friendly, engaging approach

Inclusive: we act with humanity, and are committed to equality and diversity with respect for the dignity of all

Ethical: we act with integrity and are open and accountable

Rigorous: we are committed to the highest academic and professional standards

Enabling: we look for potential and provide opportunities for a positive impact on the world

Dynamic: we work with energy, enthusiasm, innovation and positivity

Confident: we are ambitious and resilient


Students: To provide an excellent academic education within the University of Cambridge to talented women over 21 at a time of life that suits them

Research: To promote and support academically excellent women to give them opportunity and flexibility to conduct high quality academic research

College community: To create an intellectually stimulating, interdisciplinary, inclusive, informal College community that attracts and supports women and enables them to thrive in their academic work and in extracurricular activities  

Advocacy and support: To champion women’s education and development, both personal and professional; promoting diversity, particularly gender equality: inspiring women as confident and resilient citizens and leaders, within the University of Cambridge, nationally and internationally

"We are a dynamic and inclusive community where talented women over 21 can achieve an excellent Cambridge education or conduct high quality research in a modern and intellectually stimulating environment that champions women’s education and development"

College Fellow Dr Jane Davies  |  January 2018

To find out more

You can download a copy of our Strategy Leaflet here. We would appreciate hearing your comments and feedback on the plan so far. 

Many thanks to Cambridge University photographer Sir Cam for allowing us to use this beautiful image on our strategy marketing.