Lucy Cavendish was founded in 1965 by women determined to challenge the exclusivity of Cambridge, and it remains one of the most diverse communities in the University. Our three hundred and seventy students come from over sixty countries, and include many affiliated students, alongside postgraduates and first-time undergraduates. Most are in their twenties, but we regularly accept women in their thirties and beyond, and Lucy Cavendish students arrive with a wide range of interests, experience, and qualifications; it is part of our ethos to consider evidence of academic achievement and potential that a College focused on school-leavers might discount.

If you wish to study for a BA or MB degree, either as a first- or second- time undergraduate, please go to our Undergraduate Admissions pages.

If you already have a university degree and are interested in taking a Masters, PGCE, Postgraduate Diploma or PhD, please go to our Postgraduate Admissions pages.

If you are a student at an institution outside the UK and would like to spend a Junior Year Abroad or similar with us, please go to our Visiting Students page.

If you are interested in a current internship relating to University Admissions, please see this file.

BREXIT: We understand that students from the European Union starting courses in England in the 2019/20 academic year will continue to be eligible for home fee status.  More detailed information for undergraduates here and postgraduates here.