What is an Affiliated student?

Affiliated students complete a Cambridge BA degree within two years instead of the usual three. Affiliated study is demanding and applications must be highly competitive.

Who can apply as an Affiliated student?

Students need to be intellectually able and highly motivated. Prospective students from a UK university must have (or expect to gain) an Upper Second class degree or First, and those from the US system must offer a GPA of at least 3.7.

How does the Affiliated student route differ from the standard 3-year course?

Affiliated students usually complete only the second and final years of the BA course. Exceptions to this are:

  • Veterinary Medicine and Medicine students take the first two years and omit the third year of the pre-clinical course
  • Law students compact the first two years into one year before taking the final year.    

Why might I choose the Affiliated route?

Students choosing to take affiliated degrees do so for a range of reasons. They might wish to study for a degree in a subject leading towards a specific profession, such as Medicine, Law or Veterinary Medicine. Or they may have developed a strong interest in a subject which they were unable to fully explore in their first degree, such as English Literature, History of Art, Classics or Modern Languages.

There are also subjects which are only offered at Cambridge - Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic, for example - or for which Cambridge is particularly renowned. And for many students there is a thrill in studying Shakespeare in the land of his birth, or studying Natural Sciences at the University where the secrets of DNA were discovered.

Where can I find out more about individual subjects and the application process?

See the Subjects page on our website and, if you have any questions, our Admissions Office (admissions@lucy-cav.cam.ac.uk) has a great deal of experience in advising potential applicants.

How do I apply as an Affiliated student?

Affiliated applicants to Cambridge apply through UCAS in the usual way. When a UCAS application appears in the Cambridge admissions database the University will send you a link and log-in details, by email, to a Supplementary Application Questionnaire (SAQ) with a deadline for completion.  At a similar time Lucy Cavendish will also contact you by email, to acknowledge your application and ask you to provide some additional information by a number of deadlines. This may included academic transcripts and certificates, and written work, if relevant to the subject.

What are the deadlines for Affiliated applications?

Lucy Cavendish accepts Affiliated applications for both the October 15th and 1st March deadlinesAll subjects are available for the 15 October Cambridge deadline, but some subjects are excluded from the March deadline.

Applicants applying from an address outside the UK or EU must also complete a Cambridge Overseas Preliminary Application (COPA), and international applicants can apply to be interviewed as part of the Cambridge Overseas Interview Scheme.

Am I eligible for funding as an Affiliated student and are any bursaries available?

If you have received student funding for your first undergraduate degree, as a Home and EU affiliated student you are unlikely to receive further funding.  However, Veterinary Medicine and Medicine students can apply for support and there is more information in our Finance section.

Overseas Affiliated students are usually self-funding.  Overseas applicants are sent an application for Cambridge Trust funding post-offer.

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