Anastasia...I am originally from Latvia and completed a BSc in Life Sciences at Queen's University, Ontario prior to my arrival at Lucy Cavendish as an affiliated student. When you have such an extensive network of people looking after you (Tutors, Supervisors, Director of Studies) it is almost impossible to fall into trouble. I have been overwhelmed by the quality of teaching, unlimited resources, and fantastic extra curricular opportunities in the field of medicine. My Director of Studies introduced me to great doctors affiliated with the College who then took me into operating theatres and provided extra teaching in my pre-clinical studies. I witnessed a kidney transplant three years before my classmates. If you are someone who is passionate about your subject and are willing to ask questions and explore outside the classroom, Cambridge is the place to be.

Before coming to Lucy Cavendish, I completed a degree in English Literature at Durham University. The Law with Senior Status course has been a fantastic opportunity to gain my legal qualification in preparation for a career at the Bar. It has allowed me to study law in an analytical and intellectually challenging way that the GDL simply does not offer. Whilst compressing a law degree into two years seems daunting at first, the college has offered support both for my academic progress and my career aspirations. On top of that, I benefit from being surrounded by ambitious and talented women with diverse and exciting backgrounds and goals.

Having been left feeling unfulfilled by my first undergraduate degree, coming to Lucy Cavendish to study HSPS was the best decision I've made in my adult life. The course is fascinating, multidisciplinary, and exceptionally well-taught. Meanwhile, I've found college life to be vibrant, active, and most importantly, wholly inclusive; even if you're not sporty or musical, you can still get involved in yoga, art, event-planning, student politics and so much more. In short, the female solidarity and activism here are completely inspiring.

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