Cambridge University offers part-time programmes in a wide range of subjects, which may suit you if you wish to study alongside work or family commitments.  

Does Lucy Cavendish accept part-time students?

Lucy Cavendish has a long history of supporting part-time students and we welcome students from all disciplines.

What part-time programmes are available?

Part-time courses at Lucy Cavendish are offered at Master's and Doctoral level only, dependent on subject.

Master of Philosophy (MPhil)

Master of Studies (MSt)

Master of Education (Med)

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Doctor of Education (EdD)

Postgraduate Diploma in Entrepreneurship (PGDE)

You can find a full list of Cambridge University courses here. Use the buttons at the top of the Graduate Admissions page to filter your search for those offered on a part-time basis.

Do part-time students play a full role in college life?

Part-time students enjoy the same benefits of college membership as full-time students, including access to the gym, library and common room. You will be welcome at all Lucy Cavendish events, which include weekly talks, Sunday lunches and formal halls through to the annual Summer Garden Party. You may also host your own events in College.

Can part-time students 'live in' at college?

Most part-time students are non-residential, mainly by choice, although it is possible to live in college accommodation for the full academic year.  Alternatively, you can book single or twin guest rooms for short stays at any  point (subject to availability), and we have occasional out-of-term accommodation for those wishing to spend longer in Cambridge.

What are the fees for part-time study?

A table of postgraduate fees can be viewed here.  A fees calculator for postgraduate courses is available on the Cambridge website here.

Further information

If you would like to speak to someone about part-time study at Lucy Cavendish please contact our Admissions Office (