Students remain members of Lucy Cavendish for life, and we have an extensive network of alumnae. The following testimonies give a small taste of the many and varied careers our postgraduates go on to pursue, as well as their memories of College.

Bryanna completed a BA at Penn State University and an MA at the University of Florida before winning the Cambridge Overseas Trust Scholarship that enabled her to study for a PhD in Criminology. I can honestly say that I felt lucky to be at Lucy Cavendish. The tutors were particularly wonderful – it felt like catching up with a friend when I met with my tutor, and she went above and beyond to assist me in any way that she could. I was also the recipient of a generous grant from the College, in order to present my research findings at a major conference. My favourite part of Lucy Cavendish, though, was the eclectic student body and events the College had. My friends came from all parts of the world, and had interests that were just as diverse. Some played in a steel drum band, some rowed in the College crew, and others attended Shakespearean plays everywhere from Cambridge to London’s Globe Theatre. After earning my PhD, I was hired as a law enforcement consultancy specializing in crime data analysis and offender profiling. I am currently working with state and local agencies in the United States, along with starting a full-time position as Assistant Professor of Criminology at the University of South Florida in Tampa. I aim to pursue a career as a 'pracademic' by working hand in hand with both law enforcement agencies and academics to improve crime solving techniques, forensic analysis, and criminal justice research.

Cise is Cypriot and left her job as a structural engineer at Ramboll to do a PhD in Engineering, having previously gained a BEng from Vanderbilt University and an MSc from Imperial College. Lucy Cavendish provides a real “home” away from home and combines academic excellence in teaching and research with a vibrant and supportive community. The fact that the students and tutors come from a very wide range of backgrounds and cultures is an indication of the strong commitment the College has towards creating a highly regarded international society in Cambridge. The tutors and staff are always there for support, making sure that the students are well taken care of. The students at Lucy are selected on achievement and potential, and this is very well reflected by the numerous success stories of the college community. I am more than proud to be a member of Lucy and consider myself very lucky for the amazing friends I made there. After graduating from Cambridge, I took a postdoctoral position in the MIT Concrete Sustainability Hub for a year, during which I was involved in the development of sustainable cements. I now have a faculty position at the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore.