Aayushi grew up in Agra, and was inspired to study Law by her admiration for Mahatma Gandhi and his commitment to societal change. She was awarded a Becker Scholarship to support her on the LLM (Master of Law), following her LLB at Symbiosis International University. Lucy Cavendish has a sense of warmth that makes you feel that you belong here. The college goes out of the way to give us all that we need to have an enriching experience at Cambridge. The college library is wonderful and is accessible at all times. The college organises seminars that give an overview of the writing style and manner of presentation in exams/thesis. There are frequent social gatherings in the form of formal halls and parties organised by the college to allow us to interact and share ideas with members of other colleges as well. The college has been exceptionally helpful to cater not only to my academic needs but has also been there for emotional support and advice. Studying at Cambridge has been a life altering journey for me and I am proud to be a part of the Lucy Cavendish family.

Denise is a CAPES Cambridge Scholar in Zoology, and graduate of the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. Her PhD focusses on mimicry in Heliconius butterflies, which she believes are the perfect organism to help us understand species interaction and evolution. Cambridge has a great atmosphere that stimulates research, with interesting discussions and seminars everywhere: not only at my Department but also at Lucy Cavendish. Having contact with an international environment is a very important feature. And I love the idea that I can go anywhere with my bike. What I most enjoy about Lucy Cavendish is the friends I have made, all very intelligent and awesome girls. The fact that it is a small college makes me feel at home, since whenever I arrive for lunch or dinner, I always meet a friend or someone new and interesting.

Lotte comes from Holland, and worked at the European Parliament and for the Berlin Pride Association, prior to her arrival in Cambridge. She holds an MA in Philosophy and Politics from the University of Aberdeen, and is now reading for an MPhil in Politics and International Relations. I did not really know what colleges really were before coming to Cambridge, but being part of the Lucy community has really contributed to the unforgettable experience I have had. Since my programme lasts only one year, it has been great to have a welcoming place right from the start. I especially like the fact that it is so international: chatting over dinner with people from six different continents is not uncommon. I got involved with the College’s student union and have organised some events about women’s rights and feminism. I also sing in the student choir, Lucy Chorus. There is a multidisciplinary approach on my MPhil, and the teaching in most courses was really excellent, although I learned as much from other students as I did from the professors!

Enass graduated with an MA in Applied Chemistry from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, where she was Director of Chemistry at the Joseph Meyerhoff Youth Centre. She is now doing a PhD in catalytic chemistry, funded by the EPSRC, and has a strong interest in alternative energy production. With unique opportunities, great facilities, and amazing academics, Cambridge catalyses the growth of any  curious scientist. My course has encouraged a can-do attitude, and I have been supported to continuously improve and aspire for 'better and better'. At Lucy Cavendish, I have met amazing ladies from different backgrounds with shared interests. The College has provided comfortable and convenient housing and contributed to conference travel costs. I hope to become an entrepreneur one day, and contribute to making the world a better place through technology and scientific innovation. I will also always be passionate about the importance of education, especially among disadvantaged women.

Petra was the number one junior tennis player in Croatia, and gained a full athletic scholarship to the University of Boston, majoring in Advertising. She came to Lucy Cavendish to study for the MPhil in Management, recently won the University Women’s Singles Championship, and remains unbeaten in the UK. The tradition that has been kept in Cambridge (college organization, formal halls....) creates an atmosphere that cannot be experienced elsewhere. The best thing about Lucy Cavendish has been the friends I have made (I personally did not even hope to meet such inspiring girls, some of which I will stay in touch with hopefully for a long time). Even though Lucy is not the best known college and is not the first one that comes to mind, there is plenty that can be gained by applying. The staff are nice and helpful, food amazing and accommodation above average for Cambridge standards.

Kate completed a BA in History and Anthropology at the University of Otago and worked for the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs before coming to Lucy Cavendish. She is writing a PhD on race, gender and criminal justice in the colonial South West Pacific. Rowing and coxing with the Lucy Cavendish College Boat Club has been huge part of my Cambridge experience. The Boat Club has lead to lasting friendships, as well as providing a welcome and healthy distraction from study. I value the international character of the college, which was especially helpful when settling in as everyone was facing similar challenges. I’m also constantly amazed by the past achievements and experiences of Lucy Cavendish students. The graduate tutors are fantastic and have provided me with excellent support through the inevitable ups and downs of thesis writing and of life in general. And students from other colleges are jealous of how lovely and helpful our porters are!


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