Who will interview me and what might I be asked?

For courses other than the Graduate Course in Medicine, shortlisted candidates are invited to come for interviews and assessments at Lucy Cavendish. Each candidate has two interviews:

  • One interview with the relevant Director of Studies and another academic in your chosen subject
  • One interview with the Admissions Director and an academic in your chosen subject, or related field

Interviews last between twenty and thirty minutes. In some cases, you will be given preparatory reading beforehand. Both interviews focus primarily on academic matters, although the questions you are asked in your interview with the Admissions Director may be less technical.  Some subjects will be looking for evidence that you have grasped enough of the mathematical or scientific concepts necessary to thrive on our degree course. Others will be testing your analytical skills and ability to develop, illustrate and sustain an argument. 

In a few subjects, you will be interviewed by more than one College or in the Faculty. You will be notified of this in your interview invitation.

Which subjects require pre-interview assessment?

  • Candidates for A100 Medicine are required to sit the Bio-Medical Admissions Test (BMAT) on 30 October.
  • Candidates for Veterinary Medicine are required to take the Natural Sciences pre-interview written assessment on 30 October. Registration and deadline information, and specification, can be found on the Cambridge Assessment website here.

Which subjects require assessments on the day of interview only?

  • Candidates for Law sit the Cambridge Law Test on the day of their interviews
  • Candidates for Land Economy take the Thinking Skills Assessment (TSA) in Cambridge on the day of their interviews. 
  • Candidates for other subjects will sit a 60-90 minute version of the Cambridge Admissions Assessment for their subject on the day of their interviews.  Information about the Admissions Assessment, and specifications, can be found through the undergraduate Subject page on our website. 
  • Assessment for the Graduate Course in Medicine takes place at the School of Clinical Medicine in late November, in the multiple mini interview format. Candidates for this course are not required to sit the BMAT.

How should I prepare for my interview?

If you are invited for interview at Lucy Cavendish you will  be given information about the type and length of assessment when we invite you to interview. 

We recommend that you prepare for your interviews at Lucy Cavendish by:

  • watching YouTube links on the University website
  • doing a practice interview with someone you do not know well
  • discussing aspects of your chosen subject, informally, with friends or family
  • Our interviews are intended to be challenging but their primary purpose is to show us how you think, not whether you can offer an immediate, polished answer.  Remember that interviews are only one element in the selection process,

When do interviews take place?

  • Interviews for candidates applying in the first admissions round take place in early to mid December
  • Interviews for candidates applying in the second admissions round take place in late March or early April
  • Some candidates who have been placed in the Winter Pool by their first preference college may be invited for a single interview in January
  • Candidates who have been 'pooled' in the March Round by their preference college are not usually re-interviewed

I live overseas - do I have to come to the UK for interview?

Candidates in Australia, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Canada and Hong Kong may use the Overseas Interview Scheme and are encouraged to request an interview in their country of residence. Other candidates based overseas may be offered interviews by Skype.

Mature applicants who wish to be interviewed as part of the University's Overseas interviews scheme must register for the assessment in advance and sit any required pre-interview assessment. Applicants taking the pre-interview written assessments overseas must check the Admissions Testing Service website as the scheduled start times for international centres may vary. Please note that for some overseas interview locations, pre-interview assessments may take place after your interview. In this situation, your written assessment will be considered by your Cambridge College with your overseas interview report.