The deadline for application to Cambridge is 15 October, and earlier deadlines apply to applicants wishing to be interviewed overseas. (The full timetable for the Overseas Interview Scheme, which currently operates in Australia, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Canada and Hong Kong, may be found on the International Applications section of the University of Cambridge website.)

Applications for some subjects are considered as part of a second admissions round, the deadline for which is 1 March. Information about the 1 March deadline can be read on the University's website here

We recommend that applicants who have only recently returned to study apply for the 1 March deadline if their subject choice is not excluded.  If you are also applying to other UK universities, you will need to ensure that your application is submitted by the UCAS deadline of 15 January.

Architecture, History of Art, Medicine, Music, Philosophy and Veterinary Medicine are excluded from the 1 March deadline.  This means that applicants in these subjects should not apply in the March admissions round even for deferred entry.  Applicants for these subjects must apply by the 15 October, and should be aware that they may be at a disadvantage if their referees are unable to predict grades for them if they have not already achieved the required academic standards.