What entry qualifications do I need?

Lucy Cavendish accepts applicants with a range of qualifications equivalent to (or more advanced than) A-level, including the International Baccalaureate, Access to Higher Education Diplomas and Certificates in Higher Education.

Although mature applicants may take longer to complete these qualifications than school leavers, we expect our applicants to demonstrate the same academic standards required of school leavers. This equates to A*AA - A*A*A at A-level, 40-42 points in the International Baccalaureate, or a Distinction in all relevant modules.

Many subjects also have specific requirements, as detailed on individual subject pages, and all subjects will expect you to supply evidence that you can cope with the demands of examination-based assessment.

My qualifications were obtained some time ago – does that matter?

If you achieved your qualifications more than two years ago, we strongly advise you to undertake some additional preparation, such as a distance or open learning course. This will enable you to refresh your study skills and demonstrate commitment to your chosen subject. Applicants who have taken a break from study lasting more than three years are likely to be disadvantaged if they do not prepare formally. 

My qualifications were gained abroad – am I eligible to apply?

General guidance on appropriate international qualifications can be found on the International Entrance Requirements section of the University of Cambridge website, which includes country-specific information. UK NARIC can assist graduates from the EU and overseas to verify their eligibility for affiliated status.

The Lucy Cavendish Admissions Office (admissions@lucy-cav.cam.ac.uk) is also happy to provide individual advice on academic preparation; if you would like our help, please e-mail us with details of your existing post-sixteen qualifications, and current or proposed course of study.

What entry qualifications do I need if I want to apply as an ‘Affiliated’ student?

We accept a limited number of Affiliated’ students, who complete a Cambridge BA degree within two years instead of the normal three, usually the second and final years of the course.  Affiliated study is demanding and students need to be intellectually able and highly motivated.

If you already hold or are about to complete an approved degree from another university, and are applying to us as an affiliated student, or for the Graduate Course in Medicine, the  minimum requirement is a 2.1 in a UK Honours Degree, or equivalent. However, we routinely set offers above this level. Most successful US-educated applicants have a GPA of at least 3.75/4.0.

Many subjects have specific requirements relating to the depth and focus of your previous study, and we may recommend that an affiliated applicant consider the full degree course, rather than the shortened version.