What will it Cost?

Costs at Cambridge fall into two categories: Tuition (which includes University Tuition Fees and College Fees) and Living Costs.


Information about University Tuition Fees for UK and EU students studying for an undergraduate degree at Cambridge is available on the University of Cambridge website here.

University Tuition Fees for overseas students vary according to subject, and a full list is available in the International Finance section of the University of Cambridge website here.

UK and EU students studying for their first undergraduate degree are not personally liable for College Fees. This is also the case for UK and EU students who already hold an undergraduate degree, but are now embarking on a second undergraduate-level course in Architecture, Veterinary Medicine , or Medicine (including the Cambridge Graduate Course).

All overseas students, and UK and EU Honours graduates embarking on a second undergraduate degree in subjects other than Architecture, Medicine and Veterinary Medicine, and Visiting Students, must pay a College Fee in addition to a University Tuition fee.  The privately funded College Fee for Lucy Cavendish undergraduates for 2017-2018 entry is £7,875.

Living Costs

Living costs in Cambridge vary according to your lifestyle, and whether you choose to remain here over the summer vacation (July to September).  Information about living costs (called maintenance) and the amount you should plan to have access to for daily life is available on the University of Cambridge website here.

Many undergraduates do, in practice, spend less than the University's suggested amount for living costs as the College offers reasonably priced accommodation as well as in-College catering, transport costs in Cambridge are low or non-existent (most students cycle or walk around the city), and a range of recreational facilities, hobbies, and other activities and events, are available free or at very low cost for students.

Undergraduates planning to live in Cambridge during the summer vacation, July to September, will need to fund their additional living costs for that period, and undergraduates with dependents should allow for the increased cost of renting a larger property for their family, and associated living costs.  A maintenance calculator is available on the University of Cambridge website here.

Further information relating to costs can be found on our College Life pages as well as the Funding your Studies and Awards & Bursaries pages.