Lucy Cavendish provides substantial means-tested bursaries for UK and EU students through the Cambridge Bursary Scheme. There is no limit to the number of bursaries available, and all students whose household income is below £42,600 will be eligible for a partial bursary. If the household income is below £25,000, students will be eligible for the maximum Cambridge Bursary.

Around one third of our students received financial support from Lucy Cavendish in 2017, and detailed information relating to Lucy Cavendish awards is provided to offer-holders each summer.

Overseas students who receive an offer from Lucy Cavendish are invited to apply for assistance from the Cambridge Trust, and the College will also make a contribution to the costs of Cambridge Trust scholars.

Other College bursaries are available to offer-holders who meet certain defined criteria, and range in value from £1000 to £2500 per annum. The Lucy Cavendish Law Scholarship is offered to one Senior Status Law candidate, each year. Applicants from the USA and Canada may be considered for American Friends Studentships. Overseas and affiliated candidates in science subjects may be considered for the Dorothy and Joseph Needham Studentship.

Both the University and the College administer a range of funds for students who find themselves in need of additional financial support once they arrive in Cambridge, and offer-holders may apply for assistance from some of the sources listed below, in advance, together with those detailed on the Funding Your Study page.

The College also makes hardship awards and loans, as well as grants to offset the costs of academic travel, electives and architectural studio work. These include George Bidder Studentships for affiliated Medics and Veterinary Medics.