Lucy Cavendish has a small but keen community of Computer Scientists, comprising around four Bachelors, Masters, and PhD students.

The BA in Computer Science covers all aspects of modern computer science, along with the underlying theory and foundations in economics, law and business. Students develop practical skills, such as programming (in various languages, eg ML, Java, C/C++, Prolog) and hardware systems (eg chip design using Verilog).

Further information about the course can be found on the Faculty and University websites.

Course Requirements

  • Applicants for Computer Science should have a very strong background in mathematics: a good A-level (or equivalent) in Mathematics is essential and Further Mathematics highly desirable.
  • Some formal study of Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science and/or Electronics is also helpful.

For more information, see the general Entrance Requirements and FAQs, or contact our Admissions Office (

Admissions Assessment

  • Pre-interview assessment is not required for Lucy Cavendish
  • Applicants invited for interview will be asked to sit Cambridge Test of Maths for University Admission (CTMUA) on the day of interview. Specifications can be found in the Entry Requirements section here.

Director of Studies:  Dr John Fawcett