The new BA in History and Modern Languages will accommodate many different interests and approaches, including language, culture, film, and political thought, alongside modern British, European, American and world history. Students will spend the third year abroad, studying or working in a foreign country, and the course is likely to prove a springboard into a huge variety of careers, from journalism and broadcasting to law, business and finance.

Our four-year degree encompasses intensive study in language, culture, film, the history of political thought and a wide variety of modern British, European, American and world history. Like other language students, you spend the third year abroad – studying or working in a foreign country, and immersing yourself in the language, culture and history.

Further information about the course can be found on the Faculty and University websites.

Course Requirements

  • Applicants for History with French, German or Spanish will need a good A-level (or equivalent) in the language concerned.
  • Applicants for History with ab initio Russian will be more competitive if they can offer evidence of linguistic ability. Some prior formal study of History is highly desirable, but not absolutely essential.

For more information, see the general Entrance Requirements and FAQs or contact our Admissions Office (​.

Admissions Assessment

  • Pre-interview assessment is not required for Lucy Cavendish
  • Applicants invited for interview sit a written assessment on the day of interview.  This assessment will last no longer than one hour, and will be similar in content and format to the assessment used by other colleges, prior to interview. Specifications can be found here.

Directors of Studies

Dr Victoria Harvey (MML)

Dr Duncan Needham (History)