Lucy Cavendish aims to admit at least three undergraduates in History and Politics each year, and recent students in these areas have made exceptional progress during their time at the College. We also currently have around fifteen postgraduate Historians and Political Scientists, making for a warm and supportive subject community in college.

The new BA in will offer students the opportunity to undertake intensive study in political science, the history of political thought, a range of topics in modern British, European, American and world history, conceptual issues in political science, and quantitative methods. Cambridge History and Politics graduates are highly employable and the course should provides a springboard into a huge variety of careers, from journalism and broadcasting to PR, law, business and finance.

Further information about the course can be found on the Faculty and University websites.

Directors of Studies

Dr Duncan Needham (History)

Dr Marissa Quie (Politics)

Course Requirements

There are no subject-specific entrance requirements for History and Politics and we will consider applicants with a range of British and international qualifications. Some prior formal study of History is highly desirable, but not absolutely essential.

See the general Entrance Requirements and FAQ for more information about our academic conditions. You can also contact our Admissions Office with queries.

Admissions Assessment

Applicants to Lucy Cavendish will not be required to sit a pre-interview assessment.  Applicants invited for interview will be asked to sit a written assessment on the day of their interviews. This assessment will last no longer than one hour, and will be similar in content and format to the assessment used by other colleges, prior to interview. Specifications can be found in the Entry Requirements section here.