I began studying Law at the ILS Law College, Pune, before deciding that I needed the rigour of a Cambridge degree in order to fulfil my potential. The law course here is not just about understanding ‘what’ the law is. What we really focus on is ‘why’ the law is how it is and whether we think it ought to be so. This requires us to fully engage with the material and analyse it critically. That is the challenging aspect of the course, but at the same time, the most enjoyable! Lucy is a great place to study law as we have a big law student community and it is a very friendly and supportive place when the pressure seems to get daunting! My experience at the College has been invaluable and I would like to make use of that in contributing towards a change in the Indian education system in the future.

I came to Cambridge with the Bagrut, having previously lived in Ecuador, where I taught English to primary school children. My first year in Lucy Cavendish was one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had. The unique teaching style at Cambridge is highly challenging and encourages you to be an independent student. You learn to figure out a whole new subject for yourself, with guidance from experienced academics and insights from other undergraduates. I am grateful for the chance to meet students from around the world and have friends of different religions and nationalities. One of the greatest advantages of studying in Lucy Cavendish is that it has opened my eyes to a variety of opportunities to take part in professional and international programmes, with support from the College. Studying Law does let you join a big commercial firm - but it is also a great basis for a whole range of other careers, such as working for the UN, or educating future generations.

I was originally home schooled, but prepared for university with an Access to HE Diploma at Kensington and Chelsea College and a legal research internship in Lincoln's Inn. What I have enjoyed most so far about my time at Lucy Cavendish is the friendly, family community here, from the bright smiles in the morning when you greet your housemates whilst making breakfast, to the cheery chats you have with the porters whilst checking post, to the stimulating post-supervision discussions at dinner with class friends. Lucy Cavendish is small enough to know everyone and feel a part of a unit and large enough to be so diverse as to end up learning about a different country and subject at every dinner! No two days are ever the same.

I majored in English at the City University of New York, volunteered in Sierra Leone and worked as a paralegal prior to my arrival in Cambridge as an affiliated student. At Lucy Cavendish, the atmosphere is relaxed and supportive. The porters are amazing people and extremely helpful. The President of the college is surprisingly responsive and approachable compared to other academic institutions. I value the intellectual rigor of the law course, along with being able to join various societies and committees focused on my particular interests. I would advise students considering studying law to be extremely disciplined and to stay curious, focused and motivated. It’s very tiring and can be disheartening at times – and this needs to be combatted by a positive attitude.


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