Lucy Cavendish aims to admit six to seven students for the Cambridge Graduate Course in Medicine each year. We also have around ten students on the Standard Course in Medicine together with twelve postgraduate Medical Scientists and a similar number of teaching and research staff, making Medicine the largest subject community in college.

The Graduate Course in Medicine is an accelerated four-year programme, with an emphasis on the acquisition of clinical skills through direct patient contact in hospital and community environments. Students who complete it successfully are entitled to hold provisional registration with the General Medical Council; most go on to work in the NHS, and many become general practitioners.

Please note that this route into Medicine is available only to applicants from the UK and EU. Overseas graduates may apply for affiliated entry to the Standard Course; graduates from within the UK and EU may apply to both courses.

IMPORTANT In order to be eligible applicants must complete a separate University of Cambridge application form for the A101 course in addition to making an application at UCAS.  The 2019 entry application form is available to download in Word or pdf format from the Cambridge website here.

Further information about the course can be found on the CGCM Society, Faculty and University websites.

Director of Studies

Dr Jane Greatorex (Years 1 & 2)

Mrs Sarah Gull (Years 3 & 4)

Course Requirements

Applicants must have A Level Chemistry (normally passed at grade A or above within seven years of entry) and one of Biology/Human Biology, Physics, Mathematics (at A or AS level).  In addition candidates must have basic numeracy and literacy skills as demonstrated by GCSE Mathematics and GCSE English Language, both at grade C or above, or their widely recognised equivalent

Most successful applicants have at least three A Levels at grade A or A* in any subject, in addition to meeting the requirements in science/maths.  Applicants also need a UK Honours Degree, or equivalent, in any discipline, with a 2.i or above.

Applicants holding qualifications they believe to be equivalent other than the International Baccalaureate and Scottish Highers will need to demonstrate, convincingly, that those qualifications involve a comparable level of scientific and mathematical understanding, and are advised to contact us for guidance.

Applicants are not expected to sit the BMAT. We do, however, strongly recommend obtaining medical/healthcare experience as a paid or volunteer worker, and the shadowing of medical professionals.

See the general Entrance Requirements and FAQ for more information about our academic conditions. You can also contact our Admissions Office with queries.