I am originally from Latvia and completed a BSc in Life Sciences at Queen's University, Ontario prior to my arrival at Lucy Cavendish as an affiliated student. When you have such an extensive network of people looking after you (Tutors, Supervisors, Director of Studies) it is almost impossible to fall into trouble. I have been overwhelmed by the quality of teaching, unlimited resources, and fantastic extra curricular opportunities in the field of medicine. My Director of Studies introduced me to great doctors affiliated with the College who then took me into operating theatres and provided extra teaching in my pre-clinical studies. I witnessed a kidney transplant three years before my classmates. If you are someone who is passionate about your subject and are willing to ask questions and explore outside the classroom, Cambridge is the place to be.

I worked on a medical drama series at the BBC before taking A-levels and coming to Lucy Cavendish, where I was the first MIT exchange student. Initially I wanted to be a scientist, but became more interested in medicine by working as a volunteer at nursing homes & hospices. I decided to take a gap year and work as a carer at nursery homes in Adelaide, Australia. I am now a Surgical Registrar. My intention was always to be a transplant surgeon.  Many older medics are put off surgical training because of its length and intensity.  I have always felt very strongly that being a little older should not be an impediment in choosing a speciality - the sacrifices we make as mature trainees are often great and to compromise on career choice because of age seems a shame.  I have always loved Medicine, from the first day at Lucy Cavendish, to the present chaos of managing a house move and a heavy on-call rota. Lucy was the perfect environment for me to grow and develop my interests and aspirations and I will always be grateful for its nurture through the early years.

I chose Lucy Cavendish, and believe that was the best decision for me. All staff and members are supportive including the porters and catering and cleaning staff. The dining hall is always filled with such a friendly atmosphere. Most of the preclinical supervisions are organised at Lucy Cavendish, although I went to some other colleges for some supervisions during my first year to see supervisors from other colleges. They were all very experienced good teachers and all of them set essays to best prepare us for Tripos. Clinical supervisions were mostly practical teachings held at hospitals, and I was grouped with medics from other colleges.

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