Svenja - I had already studied German and English for three years when I came to Cambridge as an Erasmus student to study German literature, German historical linguistics as well as first and second language acquisition. I love linguistics because it gives you an insight into the human mind, individual and societal development and our perception of the world. Furthermore, studying literature broadened my horizon immensely by confronting me with different historical periods and their authors and philosophers. At same time it appeals to me on an aesthetical level and stimulates my creativity. Studying these subjects at Lucy was a real pleasure! I love their beautiful library with its free coffee hours, the gardens, which are perfect for reading outside, and the friendly, international and empowering atmosphere of the place. The workload with all the essays is challenging indeed, but Lucy does everything to give you the support you need to succeed! Regarding the future, I am planning to become a secondary school teacher. I will use the credits from Cambridge to complete my Master at home and am also currently writing a book about teaching German grammar at school.


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